Selina wanted nothing but true love. She on a regular basis tells Simon that she is not there for his money.

Simon on the other hand believes that all women are the same and they are just after a man’s wealth.

Simon is the only son to Chief Irem, one of the richest men in the area.

He loves to flirt around not until when met Selina.

Meeting Selina made him believe that love does exist but he doesn’t believe in true love.

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At all times Selina visited, he would give her some money and tell her to buy new clothes for herself.

When she accepts the money, his conclusion on the non existence of true love remains unquenchable.

Among all the ladies in his life, Selina is the only lady that denies him sex.

She will always tell him that premarital sex is never an evidence of true love.

She also told him that for him to take her to bed he must first of all do the needful which is getting married to her.

Unfortunately, Simon is not ready for anything relating to marriage. All he is after is making love to a woman and dumping her.

For a long time he would have dumped Selina but something striking about her stops him from doing such.

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Why he has not sent her packing up till now sometimes gives him sleepless nights.

He still believes that there is nothing like true love. “Whether she likes it or not, I must sleep with her one day,” he said to himself.

Two years later, Simon lost his father and all sources of income had collapsed.

He is now living the life of a popper. All his friends had deserted him except Selina.

The only house built by his father was confiscated by the bank.

His father used the house as collateral but couldn’t meet up to expectations before his death.

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He packed into her home and she wasn’t hesitant to accept him.

On his birthday, which was two days after Simone moved into Selina’s house, Selina decided to give him a gift.

She blind folded him and took him to the supermarket which she opened in his name.

On getting there she removed the piece covering his eyes and told him welcome.

He was a bit surprised and wondered what they were doing in a supermarket since the Selina he knows can’t even pay for her house rent talk less of buying things for a man.

She went into the managerial office and brought out documents and handed them over to him.

By the time Simon read through, the supermarket was actually built in his name.

“How is this possible?” He queried.

“All these while we have been together, all the money I got from you was used to build this place and also a home” she answered.

“A home? You mean you never squandered  all the money I gave to you?” He asked.

“It’s a story for another day. For now, it’s your birthday. Let’s celebrate.

He knelt down before her and said “I have long waited for a day like this. Now I believe in the existence of true love. Selina, please neglect all the wrong things that I have done against you and be my wife and the mother of my children”. He reached for his pocket and brought out a ring.

Without wasting any time she shouted a big YES!

From that day onwards, Simon never stopped to love Selina.

What she did was unheard and has never happened.

They got married, had kids and lived a happy life.

Simon and Selina found true love

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