The richest man in the world (story)

The story of the richest man in the whole world


Because of money, my father lost all his land to his half-brother. His brother claimed to be the richest man in the world and can have everything to himself.

These plots of land were the only thing his father left him when he was alive.

My grandfather had a lot of lands which he shared among his two sons (my father and his half-brother).

Few months after grandpa died, my uncle became torn in the flesh.

He insisted my father bequeathed all his land to him.

My father refused and took the case to the umunna (kinsmen).

Not knowing that the self acclaimed richest man in the world has already bribed them to ensure that their judgment favours him.

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As expected, they warned my father to stay off the land.

My father did not stop at that. He took the case to court.

A place which was supposed to be the last hope of the oppressed, became really the birthplace of my father’s near death.

As usual, the richest man in the world has once again bribed the judge to pass his judgement in his favour.

The judge’s verdict left my father nearly dead.

The only thing he inherited from his father are now officially the properties of his half-brother.

After I graduated from secondary school

After secondary school, there was no money to continue with my tertiary education.

I can’t go and beg the richest man in the world because he never loved us.

At all times he will come to us telling us to always call him in the times of our need.

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My father will always tell him ‘my God will surprise you’.

I told my father that I would want to relocate to a different country.

This country is so corrupt that talents are wasted on a daily basis.

My father told me that there was no money to carry out such a project.

I did everything humanly possible to see to it that I made money and left this country.

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The first 100k I made through manual labour was swollen by my father’s illness.

The truth is that I can’t be making money and my father is dying when I am supposed to save his life with the money.

Father’s illness shattered my dreams of traveling abroad, but I never stopped believing.

Thank God that my father was back on his feet and promised he will help me achieve dreams.

On a very good day, father’s phone rang. It was one of his friends that lives in the US. He returned home to spend the Christmas holiday with his grandma.

Father went to see him.

On father’s return, there were so many smiles on his face.

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He didn’t tell me anything but rather said, ‘my son, even though we are not the richest in the world, we shall never be poor all the days of our life’.

Though I never understood what he meant by that not until the new year Eve.

My father broke the news. He told me that I should prepare myself that by January 2nd I shall be traveling to the US to live and work with Mr Solomon.

This news sounded like a child’s play but father was very serious.

My dream of traveling out of the country is indeed coming to fruition.

Father told me he kept it all these while so that no other ear will hear it. He also warned that I ensure no one knows about it. Not even my closest friends.

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He said he wants to take his half-brother the self acclaimed richest man in the world by surprise.

2nd of January is here

Father called me and told me to go outside the house and take a very good look at our compound.

I did as he instructed. Why he said I should do that is something I know nothing about.

It was as if I had never seen our compound before. But I still did as he instructed.

On my return, he asked me if what I saw was okay with me and I told him that the place where we call home needed a change.

He told me that was the reason he asked me to go take a look at the compound.

He told me that for me to achieve my dreams on earth, I must avoid distractions from women, wine (alcohol) and bad friends.

He told me that humility is the only way to a man’s heart.

To win the trust of  Mr Solomon I must learn to be humble and do everything he instructs me except the wrong ones.

Father so much advised me that he nearly forgot I had a flight to catch the next day.

It was the 2nd of January and the plane has taken off from the Nnadi Azikiwe international airport to the United States of America.

In California, Mr Solomon was a professional medical doctor.

So because I didn’t obtain higher degrees in any course, he decided to leave me at home while he prepares to register me in a higher institution.

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Because of what my father told me and because of where I am coming from, I ensured I lived a decent life.

Opportunities came to make me deviate from my dreams but I kept on head tight.

In school, I met Andrea the first daughter of the California governor.

We had a very serious argument about a concept in politics and after all the research and enquiries, I won the argument.

That moment, we fell in love with each other.

I was still very careful as the words of my father on a daily basis was ringing in my head.

My relationship with Andrea made me concentrate more on my studies and the same was also applicable to her.

After years of schooling, we graduated with very high degrees.

I graduated as the most brilliant and well-mannered student in the department.

Upon graduation, the school retained me and I became an assistant lecturer in the school.

Andrea and I became husband and wife.

Father has already relocated to the US and as for my uncle, the self acclaimed richest man in the world, became the poorest in the village.

He began to sell all of his properties one after the other.

My father did not completely relocate to the US. On a monthly basis he is always returning home to ensure that things are still going well there.

On his last visit to the village, my uncle gave my father all the properties he stole from him and begged for his forgiveness.

In those lands, I built a new home which has never been seen in any part of the world.

In the other huge land, I built an aluminium industry which gave jobs to many of our graduates.

The other land I built a very mighty school. My father loves teaching and he has always told me how he would love to retire as a teacher.

After building the school I named it after him and gave him charge over the school.

Now a Politician

I ventured into politics in the United States and because of my popularity there, I became the first African to win the Presidential seat of the USA.

My continuous good work in the States won me another tenure as the President.

After my second tenure, I went back to my lecturing job because teaching runs in our blood.

Life indeed is something else, to become the richest man in the world is a decision that must be worked upon.

All dreams can be achieved if only you have patience and persistence.

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