It’s another interesting story time. This story is about a guy who married a woman because his mother wanted such a woman.

At the end of the story your advice is strongly needed.

And here we gooo!

This is the second time my mother is rejecting the woman I want to marry.

On more than 2 occasions I have brought two different girls and yet she has refused to give her consent.

Father died a few years back and I want to marry a woman who can really take care of my old mother.

All the ladies I have brought to show her she has refused them claiming that they were all skinny.

My mother wanted a lady who is fat. According to her, I cannot be slim and still go ahead and marry a lady who is slim.

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She said she wants her grandchildren to be big in body size and not the size of a broom.

Having rejected the ladies I brought, I asked her to find one by herself.

Mother rejected it. She said I must find my wife by myself so that I won’t blame her for whatever mistake that comes up in the marriage.

But in conclusion, she would not be part of a marriage of two skinny People.

It is indeed a very big assignment to find someone that is fat and will also love me.

Because this is what mother wanted, I decided to start a hunt for a fat woman.

On a very good Saturday evening, I was eating at the O Yes! Restaurant and behold a young beautiful lady walked in.

If my body size is multiplied by 10, it is the half size of the lady.

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“This is the exact size mother is looking for” I said to myself.

Without wasting any time I approached her, paid the bills of the food she bought and we had a long conversation.

We exchanged contacts and the relationship started.

Our relationship moved to another dimension (thoughts of marriage).

Before thinking of introducing her to my mother, I really made her feel the heat of my pocket.

I spoilt her with money just to make her believe that I can take care of her size and weight.

One month later

One month in our relationship I decided to introduce her to my mother.

As expected, mother gave her 100% approval.

But before that, she took me out on a private talk.

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In the backyard, my mother said “son, I asked for a fat lady and you brought me a world heavyweight”.

“Do you want to kill me?”

I was shocked to hear such kind of words coming from my mum.

She was the one who pushed me into finding a very fat woman, now I’ve found one and she is complaining she is very fat?

She continued “my son, this heavyweight you brought hope you can handle her?”

Before she could finish asking the question I said “yes mama” and left.

After Our marriage

The wedding is over and all invited guests have gone home.

I was left alone with my newly married wife.

It was the first time we slept together. As expected, the journey of a family begins from the wedding night.

While the action lasted I never allowed her to lie on me. Instead I did the whole job lying on her.

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I was just trying to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Let the next day morning news don’t carry that a newly married man died a night after his wedding while performing his marital duties.

After the night work, we slept off. Deep in the midnight my wife began to snore.

The vibration of her snore pushed me away from the bed.

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My mum who was sleeping downstairs traced the vibrations to my room.

When I came out of the room to meet my mum who was knocking, we stared at each other for like 30 seconds.

It was as if we were asking ourselves what mess are we into?

“Is there any elephant in your room?” she asked.

“No, it is your daughter-in-law,” I responded.

“No she is not my daughter-in-law, it is the heavyweight you brought in as a wife” she argued.

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The argument between my mum and I began that very night.

She is now blaming me for marrying a fat lady when she rejected almost all the slim ladies I brought to her.

Did you know that after all the arguments, my newly married wife never woke up neither did she stop snoring?

What mess I’ve I gotten into? Should I blame myself or my mother in this situation?

Even my wife can’t cook. She can’t do anything in the house. Only to wake up in the morning, bounce on the already made breakfast and retire to the sitting room to watch movies.

My marriage is still new and I wouldn’t want to divorce her.

Good advice will be so much welcomed.

Mother got the heavyweight daughter-in-law she requested

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