Mistakes bloggers make at the start

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 Mistakes People make when blogging

This is the story of Saviosantos. It deals with how he started his blogging career.

The essence of this story is to help young bloggers notice on time some of the things that will likely be a problem to them in the near future.

The only way to solve such futuristic problems is by working on them now.

Mistakes I made as a blogger

Few years ago when I got to know about blogging.

I was so interested at starting my own after I saw how people made huge amount of money as bloggers.

My first blog was theschoolmedia.com

After a year, I couldn’t continue with the blog because their was no available money to continue renewing the domain and hosting registration.

It was really a difficult moment for me.

I never paid attention on a single niche and this mistake hugely hard a great effect on me and my blog.

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Because I am interested at your success, I decided to share with you some of these mistakes so that you can avoid them and achieve success.

1. Focused on alien niche

Focusing on alien niches I mean that, I wrote articles based on things I have no good knowledge about.

Because there were niches that were actually making the real money, I decided to Start writing on them.

As a result of this, I ran out of ideas. In some cases, I did copy and paste and this was never helpful to my blog.

It was because I focused on topics that were alien or abstract to me, thats why my old blog failed.

WHAT TO DO: It is important you create contents based on what you know very well.

The truth is that, by the time you start writing about topics you know nothing about, you will definitely run out of ideas. 

The best advisable practice is to write on what you are good at (which are focused at improving people’s live).

2. Never interested at keyword research

This is another very big mistake i made as a blogger.

I saw making research for a keyword as hectic and time consuming.

Never knew that any time invested in keyword research worth it.

I prefer to just start writing and expect people to start reading it.

Unfortunately for me, my old blog never did well.

3. Had no specific niche

My former site never saw a new year renewal because it never generated the needed resources.

This happened because I bombarded it with lots of articles in almost all fields of human endeavours.

This affected my first blogging experience so badly.

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Writing about everything when you have no idea of what you are writing is very wrong.

Because I read about people make money with those niches, I decided to jump into it leaving my blog non structured.

WHAT TO DO: It is very important you have I mind one particular niche which you are very good at before starting a blog.

When you start, you will be overwhelmed with lots of topics from different fields (niches). If you are able to overcome this temptation at the beginning then you are bound to succeed as a content creator.

4. Don’t read or learn from related niche bloggers

This was another big problem I had with myself.

I never read or from other bloggers and how they structured their blog.

WHAT TO DO: Whether you are new to blogging or already a pro you still need to learn new ideas.

These new ideas can only be learnt from the work of other bloggers.

Sometimes you will notice that your style of writing is outdated. It is through learning from other people that you can be updated with newest way of writing what people really want to read.

5. Always waiting for google organic traffic

This is another grave mistake I made when I started blogging.

Sharing my blog posts via social media was never considered and ih had a very bad effect on my traffic generation.

WHAT TO DO: Have you been writing articles and never shared them via your social media? Now is the time to turn around.

Start sharing your articles via social media.

The reason is because, social media is the first place you will receive your traffic before google.

It will take google an hour+ to craw your content or index your content.

And until that is done, that is only when you can start receiving traffic from google.

Bare in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is needed to receive endless traffic from google.

So in summary, you should always share your blog posts via social media outlets and then wait for google to index your post.

6. Make money quick syndrome

‘Wahala for who no make money via blogging.’

When I started my blog I had this make money quick syndrome. At all times I try to read how to make money online through blogging.

By this time, my blog was never structured.

On a regular basis I do change templates because I do feel that my blog was not appealing.

I kept on doing this so that I can start making money via my blog.

Unfortunately, I never saw it coming.

WHAT TO DO: if you are new to blogging, making money via your blog should be a secondary need.

Don’t focus all your attentions on making money via your blog else you will definitely lose focus.

I know that 89.9% of bloggers create blogs so that they can make money online. The truth is that, by the time you make it a priority you are likely never going to achieve success.

Focus on creating quality contents. Build a community of readers. When you have a good community (genuine readership) making money through your blog becomes a very simple case.

In summary, focus on creating a good contents which will attract genuine community and finally the money will come in.


Via my old blog I made a lot of mistakes which I won’t advise you to make also.

To make a living out of your blog you have to win trust from people.

This is possible only when you create contents that are really helpful.

Each time people see a content they also look at the website.

By the time you start making them believe that they can find the solution to their problem via your blog, that is when you start enjoying the fruit of your labour.

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