5 ways of making money online for a lifetime

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Some might wonder when our story blog became a money-making blog.


Well to clear this, our blog posts are interested in promoting positively the lives of our esteemed readers.


So in as much as we try to entertain you with stories happening around both fiction and nonfiction, we are also interested in also helping one another grow in any way possible.


So let’s continue.


In our today’s society, it is becoming too difficult for many to acquire wealth.


Daily, the gap between the rich and the poor deepens.


So because one must survive we get involved in one activity or the other to earn a living.


Here in this post, we shall be discussing in clear terms ways to make money online.


To make money for a lifetime requires a lot of virtues which includes; hard work, patience, perseverance, focus, sacrifice, etc.


That is to say, for you to become a successful online wealth commander you must possess all these features.

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Enough of the whole preaching. 

Below are the ways you can make money online for a lifetime.


5 ways of making money online for a lifetime


1. Teach People Via Online

When it comes to teaching many finds it difficult because of the heinousness it comes with.


Today, teachers are paid below the mammoth jobs they do.


The unfortunate aspect of the whole thing is that they are not even appreciated for their job.


Regularly, their salaries are sub-charged due to one small fault or the other.


To curb this whole suffering and wickedness from employers you should take your teaching online.


You may have all it takes (topics, contents, skills, methods etc) to carry out your teaching effectively but you will need an audience.


This is where the whole stuff comes into play.


To get more insight on how to teach online and make wealth you need to visit here.


Knowing what to teach online takes us to other points in this post.



2. Get on YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited search engine after Google.


Though it is also owned by Google and it is also video-oriented.


That is to say, YouTube deals with video publishing.


On YouTube, you can find many videos both on tutorials, comedy, news etc.


What is required of you is to identify what you can do to appease the thirst of people.


This is where teaching comes into play again.


What can you teach people?


Putting your videos on YouTube will enable you to become a lifetime money maker.



3. Start Blogging

Blogs have made a lot of people rich today.


With the steady inflow of money coming from blogging you can build mansions.


Though to achieve this it depends on the level of your hard work and what exactly you are pushing out there for people to read.


Teaching also comes into play here. With blogs, you can teach people how to do anything (anything you know how to do).

And seriously it’s a perfect place to gather a huge following. Though this largely depends on how you optimise your website.



4. Sell ebooks

This is yet another lifetime way of making money online.


Ebooks are digital types of books. It simply means Electronic Books.


Instead of selling the normal paper books which also come with lots of disadvantages, you can get involved in selling books online and make that money.


I am not discarding the idea of selling normal paper books. All I am saying is that you can equally sell those books online by converting them to electronic books.

5. Sell Other Digital Products

Are you good at creating products like blog templates (theme), software, applications etc? Selling them online is never a bad idea.


Creating online products like software and what have you enables you to make lots of money online.


Even when you are sleeping people interact with the platform where you are selling it and the money continues to increase.




Like I earlier said, making money online is never easy especially if it must be a lifetime money-making venture.


All that is required are your interest, sacrifice, focus, belief, perseverance, hard work and so on.


No effort has no reward.

The only time you can not attain what you aspire is when you give up.


In a nutshell, never give up on what will yield success all the days of your life.


Try these above-mentioned methods of acquiring wealth online.


You are also welcome to share your view via the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.

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