How poverty can ruin your life

 There is nothing poverty has never caused in this life.

Because you don’t have money even your best friend will someday become your worst enemy.

People will see you as nothing because you don’t have money.

But what people think about you should it really bother you?

No person in this life is created to die poor.

We are all given a gift or talent which will enable us to earn a living.

The question is, are you able to exploit your own talent?

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That you are poor today does not mean you will remain poor all the days of your life.

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Never in any way bother yourself about the success of another person.

Like they said, all fingers are not equal.

Acquiring wealth in this life is very difficult but that can only be achieved when you are focused.

I watched a Nollywood movie where one of the actors told his son never to give up. He told him that life will continue to push him around but if only he believes and continues to fight, he will definitely win.

It is a whole lot of encouragement. To become successful in this life you’ll need to believe and stay focused.

As a person, I know what I passed through in the hands of people because of finance.

On some occasions, my father would want to start an unnecessary argument with me.

He will always remind me of how my mates are making big money and I am here eating all the food in his house.

The downfall of a man can never be the end of his life.

Your ability to stay strong and be able to resist all forms of depression will lead you to success.

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As an individual, I have suffered. I know what I passed through in the hands of people before I attained this position today.

The only way you can come out poverty

The only way you can come out of poverty is when you change your mentality of acquiring wealth.

So many believe in “quick money making syndrome” and they end up failing.

Any man who believes in acquiring success without suffering is not ready to become successful.

So it’s never a mistake when you hear people say “NO THORN NO GLORY”.

To become wealthy in this life you must be ready to undergo all that it comes with.

It’s only those who are patient and focused will reach the end.

Giving way for distractions to infiltrate your dream is a way of ending your journey to success.

Distractions could be what people say, what you see or think etc.

When you are able to overcome all these things which will definitely come, then your success is assured.

How long can one remain poor?

You are poor for this long because it is destined to be so.

You are able to come out of poverty by this time because it was destined to be so also.

The only thing is that you need to work hard.

How long you’ve been a poor man should not be important but how long you’ve been working hard to see to it that you pulled out from poverty.

Using talents to escape poverty

Earlier I talked about using your God given talents to escape from poverty.

When I said this I never made any mistake.

Waiting for the government to give you a job is like waiting for a dead man to rise again.

From the way society is, you don’t need to wait any longer for the government to offer you a job.

It’s high time you identify the God given talent in you and invest in it.

These talents can be the gift of teaching, singing, counseling etc.

You can teach people and get paid for it.

With your melodious voice, you can sing to the glory of the Lord and you also get rewarded for it.

In terms of counseling, you can get rewarded for counseling or giving people advice.

The only thing is that it balls down to you as an individual.

Identify platforms where you can invest your God given talents to free yourself from poverty.


Life is faced with many challenges and as humans, God has created us in such a way that we can face and solve those challenges.

Nobody is created to be poor. Hard work, patience, focus, and belief are the few among many other things you need to escape poverty.

The evils of poverty in our today's society

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