In a conversation with Melody a student of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, she told her friends that farting can end a relationship.

Melody was so bitter on how she lost her relationship because of fart born out of mistake.

Narrating her story to her group of friends she said that her boyfriend made her believe that he love her.

But after the farting by mistake incident, he gave up on the relationship.

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It all started when her boyfriend told her of his coming to her house.

The duo are always fond of eachother in fact, their love was indeed an epitome of what true love should be.

In Melody’s story, it was known that she had already prepared meal for her boyfriend to eat when he comes.

By the time he arrived, the food was already set for consumption.

The lovers met at the dinning table to do justice to the food.

Her boyfriend so much love the taste of the food that he began to say interesting things about her cooking.

Melody was blushing as his complements were going into her head.

From complementing her cook he moved into talking funny talks.

These jokes made Melody to laugh out so loudly that she didn’t know when she farted.

My goodness! You know what it means when you are eating and someone farts.

While she continued laughing, she apologized for the mistake.

With anger, the young man dropped his spoon and left.

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She thought he was just acting. She followed him and never stopped laughing.

The laughter turned to tears the moment he entered his car and drove off.

Melody told her friends that it’s been more than 3 months since after the farting by mistake incident.

Since that time till this very moment he has refused to take her calls.

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Melody mistakenly farted and her relationship ended

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