This is why you shouldn’t marry any woman for one particular reason.

After I got married to Geraldine, I got used to her cooking and trust me when I said, I stopped eating her food.

Though she was good at other things, but I needed a woman who could cook good food for me.

Because Geraldine was not a good cook, I decided to take a second wife.

My wife tried to stop me but as a traditional man I have the freedom to marry as many wives I can take care of.

No amount of her advice and promises can make me change my mind.

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The problem with Geraldine is that she can’t prepare the kind of food that I eat and as a result I needed someone to do that for me.

After much deliberation with my kinsmen, we resolved that I took a second wife.

Honestly, I don’t hate Geraldine but because she can’t cook well, that’s why I needed someone who can.

Lilian is that woman one of my uncles recommended.

According to uncle Tony, Lilian manages a restaurant and on a regular basis customers are always at her restaurant.

This boosted my confidence. 

If a woman can attract customers to her restaurant 24/7 it means she is a good cook.

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I went to her restaurant to eat and also confirm if actually what my uncle said about her was true.

From my observations and experience, my uncle was never far from the truth.

I made my way to her heart and she accepted to be my second wife.

Lilian is two years older than myself and nine years older than Geraldine.

Well, just like it is said, age is nothing but numbers.

Why Lilian is not yet married even at her age is what I don’t know. Well, I don’t care to know. It seems God just created her and made her for me alone.

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Two months after knowing each other, Lilian is already my second wife.

We got married and everyone was very happy. Though irrespective of the pretence, Geraldine was never happy.

Geraldine and I are just one year in our marriage. Though we don’t have any children yet.

But that’s not the reason why I decided to take a second wife.

I needed someone who could cook real good food for me.

After My Marriage With Lilian

Lilian is now home with us and fire has already gulped.

It’s barely two weeks after our marriage, Lilian is already setting my house on fire.

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She has warned Geraldine to stop entering my room or anywhere close to the kitchen without her permission.

Geraldine tried to scold her as the fist wife but she received the beating of her life.

My God, if you saw what Lilian did to Geraldine, her co wife, you will never pray to be a woman.

I came back from work that very day and when I saw what Lilian did to my first wife, I was so annoyed.

By the time I sent for her, she warned me never to call her again because of Geraldine.

With that anger I slapped her for talking to me in such a manner.

My dear, do you know that I regretted ever raising my hand on her.

The kind of beating Lilian gave to me that very day, even Geraldine began to have pity on me.

For two consecutive weeks I never went to work.

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Imagine me washing my wife’s clothes every Saturday morning.

Honestly speaking, Lilian has converted me to a slave in my own house.

I can’t say anything because the last time I did, I was seeing heaven and hell all at the same time.

My family members stopped coming to my house because somebody wilder than a bulldog is always around.

Should I also remind you that after one week of our marriage, Lilian has never entered the kitchen again?

My goodness! The major reason why I married this woman is to come and be satisfying my stomach with her good cook. Unfortunately, the woman I married is now the man of the house and I and Geraldine, the wives of the house.

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My Simple Advice to the Unmarried

  • My dear, if you want to get married, please do not marry someone because of one thing he or she is good at. The reason is because he/she can change. Remember, change is one thing that is constant in life.

  • Also, no matter what happens, don’t ever think of marrying more than one wife. God that gave that instruction is not stupid.

  • If you want to marry, have a deep knowledge of whom you want to marry.

  • Don’t despise your partner due to his/her little faults. Teach him/her what you think is the right thing to be done.

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