This is a story of how I spent just one night with my sister-in-law

 Before I married my wife I was the ladies man.

No beautiful lady will ever escape me as long as money is involved.

I had so much fun with almost all the ladies in my school.

Ever since I got married, all those lifestyles began to fade away.

It was balling on me that I now have a more pressing responsibility to attend to order than chasing women around.

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My wife is a bank manager and is always serious with her job.

Despite the fact that I don’t like how she comes home looking stressed out, I still praise her because it’s not easy.

A night with my sister-in-law

On a very good day, she told me that she would be traveling to Abuja for a conference and will be back in a day.

While she will be away, her kid sister will come and stay with me so that she can prepare my food and also take care of other domestic chores.

I tried to discourage my wife from the decision she just made but she said she doesn’t want to come back and see me looking like someone who doesn’t feed well.

After all pressure, I succumbed to my wife’s decision.

The day she left for Abuja was the same day her younger sister came.

My sister-in-law is exactly the replica of my wife. The only difference is that her hips are bigger than my wife’s and also a bit taller than my wife.

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While my wife was away in Abuja my sister-in-law has been the one cooking all the food in the house.

This my wife’s younger sister is indeed an epitome of beauty. She is endowed will all that qualifies a woman as beautiful.

It was on Saturday night and I heard screams rising from her room.

When I got there to enquire what was wrong, she said she had a nightmare.

I got back to my room after telling her not to be afraid of anything.

Few minutes later she came to my room telling me that she couldn’t sleep alone.

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For peace to reign I gave her the opportunity of lying down with me on my matrimonial bed.

Few hours into the deep sleep I began to feel hands moving all over my body.

When I gained full consciousness it was my sister-in-law caressing and kissing me.

I quickly removed her hands and wondered why she was doing that knowing fully well I was married to her elder sister.

My sister-in-law immediately removed her pyjamas and stood stack naked before me.

It became so unbearable that I scolded her.

By the time she noticed that I was seriously angered by that action, she quickly picked up her pyjamas and ran back to her room.

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Before my wife could come back the next day, she had already left.

I kept everything that happened the previous night as secret and wouldn’t want to come in between my wife and her family.

My wife is enough for me and I also hope that the person you are married to or dating right now is also enough for you.

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