It was a week to my aunt’s wedding and we were yet to find a good decorator.

All event decorators we reached out to were all busy.

To all of us, it is better we postpone the wedding and have enough time to find a good event decorator.

But it can no longer be possible because the wedding is just next week.

Everyone was on their feet going through places just to find a good event decorator.

Some traveled as far as Abuja, Lagos, etc only to find an event planner.

All efforts to acquire one event assistant was a very big problem.

The ones that returned our messages whom I believed will be free to decorate the event venue on the wedding day, were very expensive.

Even though we wanted their assistance very badly, we couldn’t afford their prices.

It was as if all hope was lost until a friend sent me a contact.

He said I should call the contact he sent me and all our worries will be over.

Without wasting time, I called the contact behold it was one of my movie bosses.

Nwanoneze Gift popularly called Ikonso.

I was shocked to know that Ikonso was also an event planner.

When he picked the call, he confirmed to me that it was truly him when he mentioned my name.

I asked him where he was and he said he was at Mgbidi, his village, resting from a job he had earlier.

I asked him about his event decorations to ascertain if truly he is in the business.

He asked me to hold on. Then he sent me a good number of very awesome pictures of some of his last decorating jobs.

Where to find the best event decorator in Imo state
Ikonso Gift doing what he knows how to do best

He said that those pictures were the pictures he took after decorating an event which is the actual reason he is resting now.

Immediately, I forwarded those pictures to my aunt and she immediately requested for his service.

Ikonso at the start declined the request because he was still resting but changed his mind after so much pleading.

When he arrived, he started work immediately. Before the event could begin, Ikonso had completed his job and everywhere was sparkling.

What we were looking for at the mountain was right there under our nose.

We traveled to many parts of Nigeria only to find an event decorator but we never knew that a very good friend of mine was the perfect match to what we sought for.

Do you know another interesting part of the whole story? Ikonso’s service was very affordable.

He did not charge us based on his relationship with me but rather because it’s his own way of doing his business.

So if you are having a wedding occasion or birthday party or any other kind of event kindly seek for the services of Nwanoneze Gift who is also called Ikonso.

No matter any part of the word where you find yourself, reach out to him, he will be there to deliver.

To reach Ikonso below are his contact information.

OFFICE:  No1 Ubakanson avenue Oleme Amaifeke Orlu, Imo state.






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Get your job done at affordable price through the touch of Nwanoneze Gift Ikonso.

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