Texans cry out to power outage – Nigerians mock

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Power outage in Texas city Nigerians mock

In Houston Texas, it was gathered that for more than 24 hours there was no electricity.

The residents of the area cried out so heavily on Tuesday morning when the power was cut short.

While it trended as a worth discussing matter, Nigerians make jokes about it.

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Via social media handles, Nigerians reminded the Texans that in Nigeria there may not be any form of electricity for more than a year and the people will still be living fine.

On a day of power outage people are already shouting and calling for help.

It is in the middle of the strong winter when heat is so much needed that this happened.

The Texans need the power to heat up their environs.

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Nigerians have told the US citizens to emulate the lifestyle of Nigerians. That is the lifestyle of coping with power outage.

“The way we shout when light come that is the way they shout when they took their light”

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