Unfortunately for Miss Bisi, today marked the end of teachers’ monopoly on farting in class.

Teacher Bisi loves to fart in class

Aunty Bisi who is popularly called Miss Bisi was a very fat woman. Among all the staff in my school, she was the fattest.

Students feared her so much because of her scary voice and size.

Irrespective of her size, Miss Bisi can flog you like a weightless teacher.

Everyone used to think that because of her fatness, she barely could raise her hands in terms of flogging erring students.

The day we feared her most was the day she came in combat with my English teacher.

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Sir Austin was a new teacher. Though he is handsome but arrogant.

It was Miss Bisi’s time to teach us but Mr Austin refused to leave the class.

Miss Bisi who never wanted any trouble gave him extra 10 minutes to round up but he played deaf.

After 10 minutes, Miss Bisi entered the class, erased his subject and wrote her own subject.

Mr Austin slapped her and Miss Bisi in retaliation showed him that her big size was never a waste.

Before we the onlookers could know what was happening, Miss Bisi was already sitting on Mr Austin and pounding him like fufu.

On the ground, Mr Austin was shouting for help.

What do you expect of us? This kind of entertainment usually comes up once in a while so it is better we enjoy it.

None of the students went out to call any other teacher. We were just busy laughing at the handsome arrogant teacher Austin being beaten by our fatty teacher.

Before the principal and other members of the staff could arrive, Miss Bisi had already dealt with him.

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The only thing I could remember was that, after that very day, Mr Austin always took a different path each time he saw Miss Bisi passing.

For the two teachers to remain in the school, it was obvious the principal settled the matter.

The truth is that Miss Bisi became the most feared in the school.

She was the only person to reduce or destroy the ego of Mr Austin.

Miss Bisi was my form teacher and she hates to see dirt in any part of the classroom.

Irrespective of her love for cleanliness, her one big problem is her monopoly on fart.

My God, if Miss Bisi fart here, the entire classroom will receive the vibration.

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Each time we return from break and our chairs and desk have changed position, we will know that Miss Bisi has been farting since.

My teacher believed that she alone has a monopoly on farting. Unknown to her that there was someone better than her.

Angelina was 15 years old and also my classmate. She was newly registered in my school and never knew about the monopoly of farts by my classroom teacher.

By monopoly of farts I mean, my teacher believes that she is the only person with the only authority to pollute the air in class at all times.

Because no one can question her, we had no other option but to live with it.

The arrival of Angelina spelt a great relief for us.

It all happened one hour after the break. We were done with the first lesson and were getting ready for the second lesson.

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Miss Bisi polluted the air again.

As usual, we all maintained as if nothing happened.

Unexpectedly, an atomic bomb was released from my behind.

It was Angelina’s fart.

The sound of her fart was so fierce that even Miss Bisi fell on the floor.

The entire class shook at the sound of Angelina’s fart.

It took Miss Bisi several minutes to stand up from the ground.

The whole class was amazed. It was the first time we saw Miss Bisi fall on the floor.

Even after the incident, she never flogged Angelina and the matter never got to our school principal.

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One thing was certain, Miss Bisi stopped farting in class because she now knows that there is someone who can do it better than she could.


This story is imaginary work of Saviosantos. Please disregard every form of familiarity. It’s just a coincidence.

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