Living a fake life has brought a lot of heartbreaks and distrust among people and lovers.

Living a fake life

It’s very disturbing that people today are living a fake life just to make an impress.

A young lady lost her possibility of being elevated from poverty because she pretended to be an opposite of whom she truly is.

I’ve shared this kind of story and trust me you will like to read it.

Living A Fake Life (Story)

Kate is an epitome of beauty.

Should I say that her beauty competes with a rose flower.

Irrespective of her beauty, Kate was from a very poor background.

Her opportunity of going into the higher institution changed her status completely.

Before she left, her parents called her and told her that in this life, nothing is more important than what you have already.

They advised her to take the world the way she sees it and never in any way believe that she can’t become useful in life.

After the hugs and blessings, Kate left for the higher institution.

Her first month in school, Kate was already mingling with people whose parents are well to do.

In order to fit in, Kate pretended to come from a wealthy family.

Life continued until she met Michael.

Michael was also handsome and to cap it all, he was the first son of the Nigeria minister of finance.

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Michael loved Kate so much and Kate in return loves him as well.

On a fateful day, Michael requested to meet with her parents.

This request threw her off balanced.

She tried as much as possible to change the topic but Michael insisted.

She finally agreed to invite him to her family house.

Because she has been living a fake life all this while, she needed something to prove to her man that she was indeed from a wealthy family.

Quickly she called for the services of a man and a woman who pretended to be her biological parents.

She also rented an apartment. The whole drama and introductions took place there.

To Michael, he has found a wife but to Kate, she has gotten herself into a deep shit.

Few Months Later

Few months later, Michael asked her to marry him.

Without any objection she shouted a big yes.

Time has come when she will tell her parents about the good news. Unfortunately, the people she hired as her parents had relocated to a very far city.

“What should I do now?” she thought to herself. Unfortunately, no one was there to answer.

The next day, Michael came to her lodge and was looking very angry and disappointed.

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“I thought you were different. I thought in you I’ve found my better half. But now I know you are nothing but fake”.

Even Kate was thrown off. She doesn’t understand what is going on and why he could just come to her lodge and begin to say the real truth about her.

It balled down to her now that Michael has come to know the truth about her real identity.

She tried apologising but Michael was no longer interested in the marriage.

He told her he was no longer ready to marry her and it was over between them.

He left the house very disappointed.

What advice do you have for Kate now that she has lost Michael because of fake life?

Leave your response via the comments section below.

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