Why teachers must stop asking students this question

Miss Adams, the class teacher of basic two is always fond of asking her pupils what they would like to be when they grow up.

Every child will always jump up and mention to the teacher one profession or the other.

Among all that stood to answer, Theophilus will never give any response to the question.

Each time you ask him what he wants to be in future he will tell you that has not decided yet.

This is why teachers must stop asking Students some certain questions

It continued like that till one day, I was at the Head Teacher’s office and Theophilus entered with his parents.

From the look on his father’s face, the man was very angry.

From the way the man sounded, no one needed to be told that he was angry with Theophilus class teacher.

The man told the Head Teacher that his son came back home crying and refused to eat anything because his teacher flogged him for doing nothing.

According to his father, he believes that in one way or the other, his son must have offended the teacher. But whatever that will make the child reject food must be very serious.

The Head Teacher quickly invited the class teacher of Theophilus to come explain what transpired between her and her pupil.

The Teacher’s Account

According to Miss Adams, his class teacher, she said she asked the class a general question. That question was intended to encourage them to do well in their academics.

She said that Theophilus will be in the right position to inform his parents and the Head Teacher the question she asked.

All eyes moved to Theophilus and he had no option but to say what he never told his parents at home.

Theophilus Account

‘Our teacher asked us what we would like to be when we grow up’.

‘Eery person was shouting doctor, lawyer, musician, pilot etc’.

‘I never wanted to be any of this. I want a profession that will give me a huge amount of money every day’.

‘All this while she asked us this question I usually told her that I was undecided’.

‘Yesterday, she forced me into telling her what I want to be in future’.

‘Then I told her that I want to be a Kidnapper’

This shocked everyone including his parents who came to complain.

‘Why do you want to be a Kidnapper?’ the Head Teacher asked.

‘Because it is the only lucrative business in Nigeria’ he said innocently.

‘How do you mean?’ the Head Teacher probed.

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‘Kidnapping is the only business in Nigeria that even the Federal Government welcomes. A good example is what happened yesterday the 20th day of February, 2021′. 

‘The Federal Government paid bandits N800 million for kidnapping students, parents and teachers’.

‘It is not the first time this is happening. It has happened on many occasions’.

‘For the government to recognise kidnapping, it means it is now legal and people should be encouraged to join the business’.

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‘Why do you want me to be a teacher or any civil servant? These people are begging the federal government to increase their salaries and the government is telling them that there is no money’.

‘But they have huge amount of money to pay bandits and Kidnappers’.

‘It’s only a fool that will prefer civil service to banditry and kidnapping’.

The response of Theophilus poured a very cold water on the teachers around, the Head Teacher even his father.

Where do you start now to disorientate this child of his thoughts about kidnapping and banditry?

Of a truth, Theophilus was 100% right over what he said concerning the federal government’s treatment of civil servants and bandits.

The leadership is so corrupt that now even our younger ones are aspiring to become terrorists when they grow up.

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Without mixing words I strongly advise teachers in Nigeria to stop asking some questions that demand obvious answers.

Following the situations in Nigeria you don’t expect students/pupils to give a different response.

The government should look into this matter because it demands urgent attention.

Even though this is just a story, the message it bears shouldn’t be discarded.

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