93 years old woman married her 73 years old boyfriend

 In Jamaica woman 91 marries boyfriend who is 73 years old.

It all happened in Jamaica on Saturday when Evelina Meadder (91-year-old) finally tied the knot with her 73-year-old lover Mr Calgent Wilson.

Yabaleft online gathered that the old lovers dated since 2009 and married in 2021 which is exactly 10 years in a dating relationship.


According to a report by the Mirror, the newly-wed’s love story could be traced to 2009 when Evelina fell sick and Calgent, a farmer, took care of her until she recovered.

Evelina revealed that ever since they became lovers, Calgent would always talk about marriage, but it was when he had been drinking so she would laugh it off.

Despite their age and what they thought people would say about them, they still ended up together.

Today, the old lovers have officially recognised one another as husband and wife and we wish them well.

It was a great day for the 91 ywars old Evelina to marry Calgent her 73 old boyfriend

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