The President at the Whitehouse preferred my dog

After preparing and leaving for school, it was rumoured that the president wanted all dogs at the Whitehouse before 2pm that very day.

It was from the bus that I heard this news. Though I discarded the information because I tagged it a mere rumour.

While in class my teacher also made mention of the president wanting all dogs in the US be brought to the Whitehouse.

According to my teacher he said that the president wanted to select among many a single dog he will make his best friend.

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Since his wife died in an auto crash and he had no child of his own, he just needed an animal he will call his family.

As funny as that may sound. But why doesn’t he plan to take another wife?

Maybe he wants to marry a dog and make her the first lady-dog of the USA. Lol.

But it is a very dangerous opinion. Is he short of knowing how many dogs that are likely to be in Washington talk less of the entire United States of America?

Because of many activities in school I couldn’t come home early.

Finally I arrived home around 3:46pm and was told that my dog was taken to the Whitehouse.

I couldn’t say anything since it was a national call that all must answer.

After two weeks, all other dogs had returned to their owners but mine did not come home.

I was so angry that maybe something bad had happened to my dog.

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When I turned on the TV, it was news time and the headline boldly written as ‘THE PRESIDENT FINDS HIS DOG COMPANION’ caught my attention.

While I waited patiently for the president to be on screen with his so-called ‘Dog Companion’ I was just very optimistic to know what happened to my dog.

Few minutes later, my country’s President presented my most cherished dog as his new companion.

I was so infuriated that I began to destroy things in the house.

My parents were not able to calm me down so they called 911.

When the police arrived at my house, my actions alone made them call for backup.

Imagine where a 9 years old armless girl drew the attention of over 20 heavily armed police men.

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Finally I submitted and they took me to the station.

I told them that I will never stop until the president provides my dog.

Because they didn’t heed to my request, I began to cause commotion in the station.

My disturbance attracted the press and I requested for nothing but my dog.

The President got the latest disturbance in town and invited me to the Whitehouse.

It was really an opportunity to leave the godforsaken police cell and meet my dog after two weeks.

The President wanted all of the events to be televised on all platforms.

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At the Whitehouse all TV stations, radio stations, writers etc were all present.

A warm welcome was heard immediately when the president climbed the stage.

After a few seconds in his speech, he invited me to the stage.

Without wasting any time, I quickly ran to the stage and took control of the microphone.

I told the president to give me back my dog.

He promised to make my father a minister if I would allow my dog to be with him.

‘That is none of my business. Give me back my dog!” I exclaimed.

‘Else what?’ he challenged.

This question got me infuriated and I bounced on him. I held him so tight that even 30 of his Security Services were unable to pull me up without dragging the president as well.

While we continued fighting, my dog ran to me and was barking.

I turned and it was my dog. I quickly hugged her and she stood still to defend me from attackers.

The cloth of the President was already torn and I was rearrested with my dog.

People in the USA went on a nationwide protest asking the President to free me from police custody.

After a few days I was released and crowned a heroine.

A dog company in the States made me an ambassador.

In a TV show, I apologise to the President and made him understand why I couldn’t let go of my dog.

After all set and done, the President still found himself another ‘Dog companion’. Interestingly, he made my father the minister of aviation.

Today, I and my dog reunited and remained the best of friends.

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Thanks for reading this interesting piece. I am also happy to inform you that this story, all characters and names of places mentioned are all fictional. Please disregard all forms of familiarities.

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