Man owns a mighty restaurant after vending water and ice cream

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Mr Salim and his brother in his ice cream parlor

A Kenyan has gone ahead to show to the world how he started his big restaurant business.

Mr Salim Abulsaidy was once a sachet water (pure water) and ice cream vendor before owning a restaurant.

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He said that after graduating from the higher institution he decided to start a job for himself.

Because of economic hardship in the country, Mr Salim started the menial job.

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According to him, many laughed at him when he started, some made jest at him calling all sorts of names.

Today, he is proud to beat his chest and say he is a success.

In his own words:

“After university I embarked on my self employment journey in November 2018. I cycled around Malindi town vending water and Ice cream. Some called me stupid for doing such a job”.

“Today I have 4 bikes, bought The ice cream parlor and Opening my first Restaurant next week”.

Man owns a mighty restaurant after vending water and ice cream
Newly acquired ice cream parlor and bikes

‘His first restaurant’ in other words it means that he is still nurturing the intention of having more restaurants in the near future.

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That is the true picture of hard work and perseverance.

If he had listened to his mockers he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is today.

The life of Mr Salim should be a worth emulating one.

Don’t always wait for the government. Get up and start up something.

We wish him well.

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