Man beats wife black and blue for cooking salty food

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Man badly beats his wife for preparing salty food as dinner

As usual, I will always encourage people to learn how to cook but it will look as if I don’t mean well for them.

Today, a man nearly sent his wife to early grave because she cooked a salty food.

Mr John of Amakohia in Imo state was said to have returned from work and was very hungry.

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His new wife had prepared food and waited for her husband to return from work.

Neighbours around reported that they broke into his house, the moment they heard a cry for help from the house.

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According to Mr Austin who is one of his neighbours said that the moment they opened the door, the man was already on top of his wife beating the living daylight out of her.

They quickly rushed at him to withdraw him from beating her further.

According to Mr Austin, the woman is already receiving treatment at the hospital and her husband is greatly sorry for his actions.

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Another neighbour who was also a witness claimed that the man was very angry with his wife because he was very hungry.

‘He came home very hungry and the wife served him a cooked food which appeared to be salty’.

‘With that anger he descended on her like a hungry lion’.

Speaking to us, Mr John narrated the same story and was deeply sorry for what he did.

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According to him, he allowed his hunger to control the other aspect of him.

A continuous enquiry has it that Mr John was newly married to his wife.

The couple has never had such an issue but what happened today was a thing of surprise.

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Their neighbours according to Mrs Jennifer are always jealous of the couples but because of what happened today, their respect for them has depreciated.

Honestly speaking, the man never did well.

But my question is, didn’t the woman taste the food she prepared before serving her husband?

Your opinion is needed….what do you have to say about this story?

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