How lack of communication ended my relationship

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For more than three months I have been making advances hoping that she would give us a chance.

Within these three months, the love I have for her kept on increasing on each occasion she turned me down.

Irrespective of her strong resistance, I was still persistent.

Let’s say, what I felt for her was so great that I was afraid I was going crazy.

It was on Sunday afternoon when she called  and said ‘yes’.

The ‘yes’ is that she has accepted my relationship proposal.

I made her repeat over and over again her response to ascertain if she truly knew who she was talking to and what she was saying.

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By the time I confirmed that she was sure of what she was saying, it was as if I won a lottery ticket to the United States.

I couldn’t contain the joy. I was so happy that the young lady I truly love has finally said ‘yes’ to me.

We fixed a date, time and venue of where to meet.

We finally met on the agreed date and let me say, that was how I officially had a girlfriend.

How lack of communication ended my relationship

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I never stopped loving my girlfriend. In fact, everything she needed I made sure I provided them.

I know I passed through a lot to win her love and for me to do anything to break her heart, I never thought about it.

A girl who can make you pass those kinds of stress will definitely love you when she sees the sincerity of your heart.

One Thing That Destroyed my Relationship

When I traveled to Abuja, I lost contact with the love of my life.

I tried as much as possible to get her contact but all to no avail.

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The nature of my work could not permit me to travel to the East until after two years.

When I came home after two years, the love of my life was already married to another young man. Making her the love of another person’s life. Lol

I nearly committed suicide.

Actually, I can’t blame her for not waiting for me.

Assuming I maintained communication with her, I wouldn’t have lost her.

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Lack of communication destroyed my relationship.

Though I was speaking to my family within that period but it never occurred to me to mandate them to get me her contact information.

She on the other hand, I believe must have been trying my number and it is not going through.

What You Should Know

It is very important you value communication very well in your relationship if you really want that relationship to last.

It is also important you knew that communication is not just relegated to phone calls. Body language and gestures are still part of communication.

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Your inability to decode the sign a woman is making sometime makes her feel as if you are not caring.

Pay attention to every sign she sends across and see to it that you respond accordingly.

Lack of communication cost me my relationship. I hope it doesn’t replicate in your own relationship.

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