Bandits kidnap students, staff and parents in Niger State

Bandits kidnap students, staff and parents in Niger state


Bandits with RPG trends as not less than 30 people were kidnapped in Niger State.

Earlier today, Government Science School, Kagara in Niger state were kidnapped by bandits.

Students totalling around 27, parents and school staff were kidnapped in Niger State.

The bandits who kidnapped the people were busy showing off their RPG and other sophisticated weapons.

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This took place in Niger state just outside of Minna. The kidnappers were saying:

“we have kidnapped these people.We are requesting for 500 million”.

PREMIUMTIMES also recorded that the bandits were dressed in military uniforms when they attacked the boarding school Tuesday night, reported PRNigeria, a news agency with close ties to Nigerian security agencies.

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The bandits overpowered the security guard before whisking away the students

This is what is happening in Nigeria.

A country where true terrorists will be treated with kids’ blows while freedom fighters are treated like terrorists.

The Nigerian government wears a lion face when citizens protest for what is right and wears a smiling face when bandits and herdsmen kill innocent people.

It’s high time they stood up and fought for the citizens.

People are dying on a regular basis and it shouldn’t continue this way.

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