Why Committing suicide is never an option

Suicide happen as a result of many reasons which can be depression, shame etc.

There used to be a time when I thought that it was pointless living.

A lot of people in one way or the other have found themselves in this situation.

To be honest with you, committing suicide is never an option.

You can do any other thing but committing suicide or having yourself killed is totally out of it.

Suicide happen as a result of many reasons which can be depression, shame etc.

Don’t also argue if I said that some of the suicide cases in our world today is prompted by our families. I will explain that later.

I understand what it means to be poor. I understand what it means to harbour the thoughts of committing suicide.

When you think that all hope is lost, when you begin to feel that you are in this world alone, that is when those thoughts begin to flow in.

Irrespective of the fact that you came into this world alone it doesn’t mean that you are alone.

Not everyone cares about you, not everyone is okay with your existence but there are also people who want you to be part of their lives.

For the sake of these people, let go of everything that has been making you feel sad about life.

Just like my school principal will always say; everything in this world has its opposite: the good and the bad, male and female etc.

Therefore, it is important that you know that in this life, there are people who hate you and there are people who love you.

It is totally your duty to prove to your haters that they were wrong hating you.


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Suicide has never being an option

Just like I have said earlier, committing suicide is never and will never be an option.


Are you having this thought of killing yourself because you don’t have money?


Who told you that money will come to you while you sit and think?


My dear, stand up and get busy with something.


The truth is, the more you think about your poor life, the more you decrease the days you spend on earth.



At all less busy times of your life, learn to convert your thoughts of depression to thoughts of creativity.


The quote above is one of my favourite quotes.


Breaking it down, it can be agreed that one starts thinking about his life when he/she is less busy.


Now, instead of thinking about your not being rich, why not think of what you can do to become rich (creativity).


That is the complete elaboration of the above quote.


Suicide as a family cause

When I said that some cases of suicides in our society today are promoted by our families.


Let Me explain, in some developing countries like Nigeria, poverty has taken over completely.


Youths get involved in illegal activities just to make money.


Many other youths who are not exposed to making the kind of wealth their mates have acquired become serious enemies to their parents.


On a regular basis their parents pick fights with them reminding them of how they cannot be as rich as their peers.


Statements of this nature have led so many youths as stray.


Some try but get apprehended on the process, while some who cannot stand the shame commit suicide.


If parents fail to realise that they play a great role in controlling the high rate of suicide cases in our society, maybe after reading this post they should realise that.


Back to you reading this now

Have you made up your mind to kill yourself because you can’t be like the others? It’s high time you came of it.


By the way, who told you that you must be like the others? Are you created with the same destiny?


Honestly speaking, you have to kill that thought that is pushing you to commit suicide.


Lemme tell you something, maybe I will round up with it.


Any death which is as a result of suicide is an unhappy death and of course, when you cross the line between the living and the dead, you will still remain unhappy.


If you think I am lying, ask those who tried it. Lol….


Just kidding anyways. But on a more serious note, committing suicide is never an option and will never be.


Remember, ‘at all less busy times of your life, learn to convert your thoughts of depression to thoughts of creativity’.


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