Bothered about what people say about you

Why are you bothered about what people say about you

What do people say about you

? Have you ever asked yourself this question or do you continuously ask yourself this question? Well,l you are welcome to stop asking those questions.

What people say about you shouldn’t be a problem but rather what God says about you.

What do you say about yourself? The truth is that whatever you say is what you are, that’s what you are.

You can lie to people but you can’t lie to your Maker and also to yourself.

Don’t focus much of your attention on what people think about you because you will be forced to live a fake life.

Fake life in the sense of, you are only living a lifestyle that you are not okay with.

People are bound to make mistakes about other people and what they portray about you may not be what you are.

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This is why I strongly advise you to live your life and don’t get bothered about what people say about you.


Your way of doing things is very different from others. This is enough reason why you need to pay more attention to who you are and not what they say you are.

Identical twins are not 100% identical there is always a slight difference.

That in other words means that identical twins are not completely identical.

You are created to be different from other people so why do you choose to please them and displease yourself?

I am not suggesting you started living a dangerous lifestyle. All that I am saying is that you live the original version of yourself.

Nobody is created to be a tyrant or a problem to mankind, but because they allowed their positive consciousness to be influenced by the evils of society that is why they are what they are today.

A good way of correcting this is by living your original lifestyle and not succumbing to what people think or say about you.


Would you prefer to be another person rather than yourself?

It is important I brought it to your notice that how you reason is different from the way others do.


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What you like may be different from what others like.

Because you don’t share the same destiny with other people, it is better not to listen to what people say about you.


Like earlier said, what people say you do not count but rather what you say you are.

Who are you? Is a very crucial question every rational human being ask his/herself.

Being able to give yourself the right answer to the question will enable you to realise that what you are is different from what people are saying about you.

Living a fake lifestyle will never yield any positive seed instead, you will notice that you are living another person’s life.

As a human being,g it is your sole responsibility to live your life to the fullest.

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Here, I am not suggesting that you should engage in a dangerous lifestyle. Nobody, remember, is created to be a problem to the society he finds himself.


Everyone is created with a specific lifestyle. You are created with your special lifestyle.

You need to live that life and not live that life people want you to live.

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