Wedding disappointment the sad story

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Wedding disappointment the sad story

So I was invited to a wedding ceremony by one of my female friends.

As usual, there is no food and this looked like an ample opportunity to find food.

I got up from my bed, dressed up and off I went to the church where the wedding will take place.

The funny aspect of the whole thing is that I arrived at the church 3 hours before the official time for the wedding.

“Am I being foolish?” I thought to myself, I concluded that I didn’t do bad. After all, the bride is my very good friend.

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The Wedding is about to kick off

Few hours later, people started coming for the wedding mass.

The sight of people coming in their numbers gave me the confidence that this wedding is going to be a thing of success.

Well to me, what was more important is the reception aspect.

Not quite long, the bride arrived and as a friend, I went close to ensure she noticed I came.

I don’t want to take chances of her claiming she did not see me when it is time for refreshment.

Not up to 30 minutes later, the church was filled with people.

Both celebrities and we’ll respected people of the society came for the wedding.

The officiating priest was already on standby.

All are waiting for the arrival of the groom.

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Two hours later, which is exactly 12:00pm, the wedding has not started because the groom is nowhere to be found.

I noticed people forming different types of discussion groups.

From the ways they were reacting, I noticed all was not well.

When I went to see the bride again for the second time, behold she was drowning in the pool of tears.

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that the groom has disappointed her.

This was cemented the moment people started leaving the church premises one after the other.

I couldn’t bear the tears of my very good friend.

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Though initially, I only came to the wedding because of the food that will be shared later but now, the situation on ground has made me lose my appetite.

What was the root cause of the disappointment?

After much query, I came to realise that someone confirmed to the groom that his wife-to-be was a retired prostitute.

She has on many occasions aborted many of her pregnancies.

When the groom confirmed this to be true, he immediately called to inform them that he was no longer interested in the marriage.

My conclusion on the man’s decision

Though I don’t blame the man for his decision, I am not happy with the way he ended the marriage.

He didn’t make every enquiries he needed before the marriage.

Why now? In the presence of the crowd, he decided to cancel the wedding.

To crown the whole thing up, I am more angry with him because he made me lose my appetite.

This is something that rarely happens. Lol

But on a more serious note, it is important to know more about the person you want to marry before you fix your wedding date.

Don’t wait for when enemies will come to put things asunder.

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The time you are in a relationship is the time you have to be more open to one another.

Tell each other the truth and nothing but the truth about your lives.

In order to avoid this kind of embarrassment, try and enquire more about your partner.

Thanks for coming around and I hope to see you in the next story…. Stay updated and stay safe….

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