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Sextuplets end six years of barrenness

My heart was filled with joy when I came across this story.

A marriage that suffered six years of barrenness is now blessed with sextuplets (6 children).

It happened in the family of Mr. Ahkimien.

Mr Ahkimien is a police officer currently serving in Eleme, Rivers state.

He has been married for six years to his wife without anything to show for it.

According to him, many have made mockery of him and his wife telling them that they are just stones that cannot reproduce.

Unfortunately for those who thought they were their god.

No one knows what God has in-stock for him or her.

Mr Ahkimien’s marriage was blessed with 6 babies after six years of barrenness.

The marriage was blessed with four boys and two girls but though one of the girls died.

The family is now left with just four boys and a girl (quintuplets).

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According to their District Overseer, Rev. G. O. Ebojie, District Overseer, Foursquare Gospel Church, Elelenwo Zonal Headquarters, where the Akhimiens worship, described the development as “miraculous blessing”.

Amidst the widespread joy among friends, relatives, church, colleagues over the new year blessing, the burden of settling bills at the hospital where the babies are still under medical watch and caring for them afterwards remains herculean for the policeman and wife.

The policeman said, “It’s a big thing of joy, no doubt. But I am just a policeman making ends meet for family.

“The burden of caring for these children is enormous but it’s nothing compared to the shame, pressure and pains we have had to endure these pass seven years of childlessness.

“We thank God for answering our prayers. “I can’t help but shout out to well meaning individuals and groups to come to our aid. We can’t do it on our own.

“Thankfully, out of sheer compassion, the hospital has frozen our bill at N1.5million since we arrived through the delivery.”

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As Akhimien and wife live through the long drawn challenge of raising the sextuplets turned quintuplets, good spirited individuals and groups touched to share the burden they would have to bear are enjoined to assist in cash or kind through FCMB 2440848014 account details of Bright I. Akhimien.

To all barren women out there, I just want you to know that God is still saying something.

If He can bless the wife of Abraham at her age then your own case is no-case.

Just have faith and belief in what God can do. Trust me, He never disappoints.

Please support the family of Mr Ahkimien in any possible way you can.

Remain blessed and faithful.

God never disappoints..

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Sextuplets ends six years of barrenness