Daddy came back from work one afternoon and did not see mum, his housewife.

Mum is always at home taking care of us but this time around, she faulted dad’s order to seek a job.

As a housewife she was forbidden to work or even think of doing anything to make money.

Housewife pains mummy passed through

On daddy’s return from work he met mummy’s absence and that got him angry.

As a little girl, I noticed daddy was angry. I tried to play with him but he scolded me and threatened he would beat me if I came close to him.

All he wanted was to see mum or hell will rain in our house.

On mummy’s return, daddy welcomed her with a heavy sound slap.

The beating he rained on her matched his continuous question; “didn’t I warn you not to leave the house?”

This is what mummy faces each time she leaves the house to do anything outside buying foodstuffs for the kitchen.

Sometimes, daddy would even be tempted to buy kitchen stuff by himself.

His only excuse is that he doesn’t want Mum to leave the house.

I can’t say if it was bad luck or mummy wanted a man who is as rich as my dad as a husband. If that is the case, sorry to say, she is married to the wrong man.

Even as a child, I hated to see my dad beat my mum. But what can I do? Nothing! absolutely nothing.

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It will baffle you to hear that my mom is a well educated woman. She has a Degree in mass communication.

Daddy is a certified accountant and currently works at Access Bank PLC.

My mum has always complained that she is not okay being a housewife.

Daddy on his own side opposes mummy’s decision.

He maintains that he is not ready to see his wife work while he is also working.

According to him, he wanted someone to stay at home and monitor all the activities that go on at home.

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What pains me most is not that he forced mom to be a housewife, but the constant beating she receives each time she faults his stay-at-home order.

Housewife is turned a caretaker

Daddy fell sick for two weeks and mummy has been taking care of him.

By the time he recovered, he went back to work.

Daddy as usual leaves the house as early as 4:30am and returns around 6-7pm.

Mum and I were surprised to see him return home before 9:00am that day.

We thought maybe his illness has started all over again. 

The look on his face gave us a different thought. From daddy’s expression we concluded that something bigger than the illness has happened.

“Honey what is the problem?” Mum enquired.

Dad couldn’t answer. He just left us an envelope and went upstairs.

Mum opened the envelope and read out the saddest news I have ever heard since I was born.

Daddy is fired from his job. They stated that he missed work for more than a week and they are not ready to accommodate such behaviour.

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Whether daddy did not take permission from the bank because of his ailment is no longer necessary. What is more important now is how do we cope?

Mum is a housewife and dad just got fired from his place of work.

We are finished!

Daddy is poor

Months later, daddy has not been able to find any other job.

He depended so much on his savings and now all his money is getting exhausted.

We can barely eat nowadays. Sometimes he goes to his friends and beg for food. 

Yes it is now that bad, thanks for asking.

One night he called my mom and sought for a way forward. Mummy told him she doesn’t know what to do since he decided she should never do any work.

The next morning, daddy got ready and was ready to leave the house for job hunting even though there may be no hope.

Mum called him and gave him a big sized envelope.

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My dad and I wondered what could be in the envelope.

When dad opened it, behold it was a very huge amount of money.

“Oh my! Honey, where did you get all these money from?” Dad shockingly asked.

Mummy went more close to him and hugged him. She told him that she has been a blogger all these while.

She has a blog ( which was mainly a news website.

Kate news is a well recognised news blog but no one knew my mother actually the brain behind it.

According to her, while daddy denied her the opportunity of working in a real TV station or radio house as a mass communicator, she decided to start a news blog at home. All these she did with her phone and laptop.

Blogging saved my family from collapsing totally via poverty.

The money she gave my dad enabled him to start a business. As his business boomed he had no intention to accept any bank job again.

Since that day till now, daddy has supported mummy in all her attempts to start her own business and make money for the family.

Another interesting aspect is that, above all that has happened, mummy has remained a respectful, caring and loving wife and mother.

My family is the best in the world.. sorry I said mummy married the wrong man earlier.

Maybe God wanted to use this measure to punish my dad and also instill in him the understanding that no woman should be forced to be a housewife.

Every effort of a woman is important in every family. So she should not be relegated to waiting for when the husband will only provide for the family.

Advice to all husbands/fathers

Dear fathers and husbands out there, give your wives the opportunity to work and also provide for the family.

This is important because when the time comes when you fall just like my dad she will be there to support you.

To all wives/women

Being a housewife will not help in any way. Try and get something done.

You will need it, your family will need it when the time comes.

My name is Rita and I am proud to be a member of my family.


Dear esteemed reader, I am glad to inform you that the story you just read is a pure product of Saviosantos imagination.

Feel free to criticize this story where necessary. And also appreciate where necessary.

Anticipate for more stories…….!

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