Must I be a yahoo boy before I can make money

Must I be a yahoo boy before I can make money

Trust me when I said that few people like us among the crowd have never stopped asking this question.

A lot of our young youths today believe that for you to become rich you must be a Yahoo boy.

While very few has criticised this believe, a good number of people has held up to it.

Making money is never easy no matter the way you choose to acquire it. Whether legally or illegally, money is never plucked from trees or planted as crops at your backyard.

What is Yahoo Business?

Many who are not used to the word “Yahoo Business” might think I am referring to the online yahoo messenger. Sorry, that’s not what I mean. It is a term used to represent online scammers.

From the situation of the society’s economy (recession), many youths has ventured into the yahoo business.

The bad policies set up by the government has also played a mighty role into pushing citizens to end up choosing yahoo business as the only means of acquiring wealth.

Despite the major blames centred on the government, they(government) still go around chasing young boys who are indulging in the illegal online business.

I am not supporting the legalization of Yahoo business, but what I am clamouring for is that the government should provide job opportunities, and also make better economic policies that will deny the citizens the time of thinking on how to steal from others.

Yahoo business is evil and shouldn’t be welcomed in the society.

How can one be happy with deceiving his fellow human only to steal from him or her?

Yahoo boys make fake promises to their clients only to dupe them huge amount of money.

Many will seriously criticise this post after they are done reading it. But I will be more glad if they read it and also get reminded that what they are doing is evil.

Apart from duping others online to make money, there are more better ways to make money online. And that is discussed HERE.

If you have tapped the above link you will notice that you can actually make turns of millions of dollars legally online if only you are patient and consistent.

Must I Be a yahoo to become rich?

Like I said earlier, the answer to this question is a big NO.

Don’t listen to what people around you are saying. 

Everyone got a talent. Exploit yours and see the positive turnouts.

I will like to end this post with a quote.

The little possessed available weapon is far valued than the huge unavailable weapon. Use the little available weapon to create larger weapons.

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