Making love don’t solve all problems

Love making is not a solution to all Marriage problems

Many of our young married couples or those who are into relationships believe that the solution to all their emotional problems is to be making love.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Not all emotional problems can be settled by having sex.

There used to be this newly married woman in my area. She believes that the only way to appease her husband is to make love to him.

She sleeps around with different kinds of men.

When she notices that her husband is suspecting her actions, she would always want to appease him with sex.

Though her husband never knew that his wife was cheating on him. His exact problem is how he can make money and give his family the best of life experiences.

The woman on the other hand never knew about this. She only believes that making love to her husband will help wash away whatever anger he has against her. Lol.

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On a very good day, her husband called her and said “sweetheart, we’ve been married for about two months now and you have never for once asked what my problems were.”

As expected, the lady started caressing her husband and wanting to lure him into sleeping with her.

In anger, he objected. “That is exactly what I am talking about. Sex! Sex! Sex! That is the only thing you can offer. On many occasions, I’ve tried to pass a message but the only advice you can offer me is sex.”

It was dawn on the lady that she has been wrong all this while. She thought her husband was suffering from sex restraints and never wanted to starve him of sex. This is her only way of covering her adulterous acts.

While her husband was still talking to her, one of her sex partners called her but she refused to pick the call.

She apologized for not being a caring wife and promised to live up to expectations from that time henceforth.

Her husband thought to himself if he had married a psycho or something else.

Though he loves his wife so much. As a result, he decided to give her all the room she needs to learn more about married life.

Black Lovemaking Monday


It was on Monday night, he came back and realised that his wife was not back home from work.

He called her on the phone and she told him that she can’t make it back that day. She claimed she visited one of the friends who was very ill.

Her husband understood quite well the level of her relationship with her friends so he allowed her.

Shockingly, unfortunately, the call did not end and the woman went back to what she was doing.

Via the phone, her husband was hearing the echoes of lovemaking. The only sound people make when they are having sex.

He refused to end the call only to be sure if he is not hearing the wrong thing.

For more than 20 minutes, his wife was exploding echoes of ecstasy.

The heartbroken young man played the recorded sex echoes of last night to his wife when she returned in the morning.

She couldn’t defend herself. In tears, the marriage ended.

It is very unfortunate the way marriages turn out these days. This woman doesn’t know how to care for her husband. She was allowed instead she increased, her adulterous lifestyle.


  • Not all problems can be solved through lovemaking.

  • Be satisfied with the man you have.

  • Marricounsellingling shouldn’t be sidelined before and after marriage.

  • Learn to understand whom you are married to.

  • Lies are marriage damaging factors.

  • Adultery destroys marriages.

This story is imaginary but depicts the reality of life. Please disregard any offensive language used.
Thanks and remain loved.


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