Image Speaks: man cooks and feed the poor

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 Wow! So interesting. A young man cooks and shares food with the poor and needy.

This is one of a kind. Something that has never happened before.

It’s true that a lot of people support the poor and the hungry in their own way but this young man’s is different.

Image of a young man who cooked and fed the hungry
The image above shows when he is cooking the food and tasting it to actually know if the food is sweet.

He prepares the food and shares it with those who have none in the society.

He met with the old women and gave them food

No prayer works more than the smiles he is putting on the face of those old women and people with disabilities.

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No matter how small, truly this is a young man with ay big heart.

Young man feeding the needy
He don’t only give them food, he equally gave them money. 
Whether the money he is giving out is big or not, this young man deserves an accolade.
Image of a young man who cooked and fed the poor
He really need to be celebrated. If wealthy people in our today’s society will realise that there are people out there suffering and are ready to help them, our world will be a better place.

Africa (Nigeria especially) has all the resources She needs to feed her population yet her citizens still beg for food.
It’s quite an abomination.

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