7 things you should be doing every morning before work

7 things you should be doing every morning before work

A lot of people develop the habit of waking up every morning and going straight to the bathroom to take their bath.

It’s very wrong not to engage in one activity or the other before going to work.

In this post I shall be sharing 7 things you should be doing every morning you wake up before going to work.

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Also note that before you can be able to achieve all these you will have to wake as early as possible.

Don’t be scared because it is very important for every success-minded person to start a new day as early as possible.

Here we go. 

7 things you should be doing every morning

When you wake up in the morning, it is very important you first of all visit the restroom to ease yourself.

Health professionals have backed the claim that each time we rest (sleep), the digestive system starts working well.

So, it is believed that when you sleep, your system begins to work. And at this stage it begins to separate the unwanted from the wanted products in the body.

These unwanted products in the body are therefore removed as waste products via urine and feces.

It will be a very bad habit if you wake up in the morning and you don’t thank God for a new day.

Never forget that it was not by your own power that you saw the light of a new day.

It is therefore your responsibility to appreciate the name of the Lord for making you see the light of a new day.

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Do this after you have eased yourself. The reason is because, if maybe you are praying, there is a great tendency of distraction.

This distraction can come in the form of being pressed.

So to avoid these distractions, it is therefore very important you visit the bathroom first before praying.

After you are done praying, go and do your morning chores. Those things you know you are supposed to do before going out.

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It can be arranging your bed, washing of your dishes, sweeping the room and the outer environment.

4. Exercises

This is yet another important thing you should do every morning before going to your workplace.

Exercises enable you to be strong. The more of the exercises you do, the more strength you gather for yourself.

Now you have finished doing some of those activities that have made you sweat, it is time to take a bath.

Taking your bath helps to wash away every dirt and most importantly, renews your strength and feelings.

Eating breakfast is not just eating your breakfast, ensure what you eat is a healthy breakfast.

Ensure that the food you eat will give you enough strength to work for the day.

Avoid eating heavy food as breakfast but never skip breakfast for any reason.

Now you are ready for work, take a few moments of reflection.

Take your time and think of what you want to achieve for that day.

Atleast, 5-10 minutes of reflection is okay.

Now you are ready to go to work.

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NB: if maybe there is still time left, you can still invest it in your daily reflection.

If you are also running out of time which can happen at any time, it is important you skip some of these activities. But never skip; praying, bathing and your breakfast.

to be there early you must start early…

Nekenwa Saviosantos

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