Broken trust – the story of two best friends

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Broken trust: the story of two best friends

Joy and Lynda were very good friends from college.

The problem of joy is always the problem of Lynda and vise versa.

Things continued this way and the parents of the two best friends appreciated their relationship.

The two girls attended the same secondary school and as God may have it they attended the same College of Education but in different departments.

Joy studied Ed Business while Lynda studied Ed Political Science.

Even though they were in two different departments, they never stopped hanging out with one another when they didn’t have lectures.

At their two hundred level, joy fell in love with Harris.

Harris was in the same department with Lynda but at a higher level.

Harris is a handsome young man and also comes from a rich background.

Though irrespective of his family background, Harris has always been a gentle and easy going person.

Joy on the other hand comes from a poor background just like Lynda.

What attracted her more to Harris was her level of maturity and intelligence.

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Joy introduced Harris to her best friend Lynda.

Harris always cherished Joy but the day he met Lynda, his feelings his towards joy began to fade.

Lynda also admired Harris but didn’t show it the first time they met.

Weeks turned into months, Lynda was secretly seeing Harris.

Joy never knew what was going on at her back between her best friend and her boyfriend.

She has heard stories about those two but can’t believe it because she trusted her best friend.

Joy visits Harris without any notice

It was Harris birthday and Joy wanted to surprise him.

Harris lived in a sophisticated apartment. This was possible because he came from a wealthy family.

He is always used to leaving his door open and after a series of knocks no one seemed to open the door for her.

Joy opened the door and noticed that Harris was actually home.

She kept on calling his name but all to no avail. By the time she climbed upstairs, all she was hearing were exclamations coming from lovers who are having sex.

Not believing what she is hearing, she opened the door and behold, she saw her best friend making love to the only man she has ever fallen in love with.

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After rounds of sex, the love birds came out from the room to meet Joy drinking an alcoholic wine which she collected from Harris bar.

Harris and Lynda were surprised to see Joy.

The only question that disrupted the silence was “how long?”.

“For how long have you been seeing each other?” Joy asked again but they were still dumbfounded.

Joy took her bag and said “I wish you both the best of luck”

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That was the last time anyone saw Joy both at school, hostel or anywhere.

Indeed, her best friend broke her trust.

What is your take on this story? If you were Joy what will be your reaction? Did you think Joy did the right thing?

Let’s hear your thoughts via the comments section below.

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