Sometime we wake up in the morning and notice that we are not happy and many times we wonder what could be the reason for the unprovoked anger.

The truth is that some days are like that but it is a very wrong thing to wake up in the morning in an angry mood.

Sometimes, the cause of this problem is as a result of the mood we were at before sleeping.

In this post, I shall be discussing some of the best ways to wake up healthy and also have a lovely day.

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Please note that in this post I am not addressing your lying position before you wake up. My major emphasis here is how to wake up happy and have a grateful day ahead.

  1. Let your sorrow die with the night.


Like the popular saying “joy comes in the morning”, why do you carry your sorrow to a new day?

Allow all that was bordering you yesterday to die off with the night and start the new day with something better.

I understand that it can be very difficult to forget about your yesterday but your ability to allow the past to be the past, then you are on your way to having a great day.

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You made a mistake yesterday, don’t bother yourself about it. Just think of a way of solving the problem.

  1. Pray whenever you wake up

Many have neglected the very importance of prayers. Some have concluded that there is no God.

It’s quite unfortunate that people believe that God doesn’t exist.

When you wake in the morning, pray and thank God for the gift of a new day and hand the rest of the day to Him.

Trust me, when you neglect God and His position in your life, that is the moment you begin to fail.

There is this kind of fulfilment the soul gets each time you finish praying. And that fulfilment plays a big role in the kind of character you put up for that day.

  1. Always wear a smiling face


Like one of my former lecturers will always say “life is good when you smile or laugh”, put up a smiling face and trust me your day will be a great one.

When you get up from the bed, look at the mirror and smile.

There is this psychological effect it transfers to your whole being.

Firstly, it shows that you are happy for being alive today and secondly, it implies that you are grateful to God for making you see a new day.

  1. Believe in possibilities

Doubts are very dangerous and one of the reasons people don’t succeed.

When you wake up in the morning, have this belief that you will succeed.

Believe that what you couldn’t achieve yesterday can be achieved today.

Having such kind thoughts and high hopes yield success at the end.

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  1. Workout


Have you ever done exercise when you wake in the morning? If you have not then you are missing a lot.

Exercises work a great lot when it comes to having a great day.

Firstly, you will start your day fulfilled and secondly, you will start the day strong.

Make exercises a part of your rituals (what you like doing).

  1. See a new day as a new challenge

Yesterday had a challenge, a new day has its own challenge. You must learn to see a new day as a day with its own challenge.

By the time you start shaping your mind towards understanding this, the time you started living an ‘on-the-clock’ lifestyle.

  1. Make peace with everyone

This is very important. Living in peace with everyone makes you happy at all times.

The only time you can be at peace with yourself is only when you are at peace with other people.

Imagine what happens when you see your enemy passing in the morning. Of course you will have this anger or hatred burning in you.

Waking up in the morning and the first person you saw was your enemy or the person you had quarreled with the previous day.

Honestly speaking you will never find happiness until that day is over because you felt like the first thing you met in the morning was bad luck.

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But all these things can be corrected if only you live in peace with everyone.

Someone who is truly at peace with himself will always be happy when confirms that everyone saw the new day with him.

  1. Write out what you wish to achieve

Another great way of waking up strong and focused is being able to outline what you wish to achieve for that day.

Follow it judiciously and you will see that it was indeed a great new day.

Someone who is not focused in life is likely never going to be found in the moving train.

When you get up from your bed, pick up a paper and pen and draft out what you wish to achieve for that day. And ensure you followed it judiciously.

  1. Take a cold bath

Taking a cold bath in the morning is also a great way of starting your day with a bunch of happiness.

It’s true that you may be advised to take hot water for health reasons, but it’s cool if you bathe cold water when you are not sick.

NB: Always adhere to health instructions.


Waking up strong and healthy is an opportunity everyone clamours for. It is therefore very important to understand those things necessary to be happy whenever you wake up.

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