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 As an educated individual how do you behave each time you find yourself in the public?

There is a huge difference between someone who is educated and someone who is not.

But nothing differentiate an illiterate from someone who claims to be educated but yet doesn’t know how to behave in public.

Public places are areas where a huge number of people (crowd) meet. A good example is the market, shopping malls, church, etc.

What you do in private should be different from what you do in open places.

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Your behaviour in a crowd identifies you as an educated person or an illiterate.

Let Me warn you about something, what you do in a crowded place has a very big impact. You wouldn’t know who is watching you from anywhere.

I would like to share a brief story of what happened to me in a market in Imo state.

Maybe after reading the story, you will definitely understand why I said that what you do in public has an impact.

My Experience at Relief Market Owerri

So my wife was very sick and almost all our foodstuffs were exhausted.

I went to the market to buy some food items which I can stock in the house and also prepare some for dinner.

When I got to the market, I went to the area where I can buy fresh tomatoes. I asked the beautiful girl that was selling it how much a portion of tomatoes was.

She said each portion was 300 Naira.

I begged her to give me two portions for 500 Naira instead of 600 Naira.

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Before I could finish talking, this young lady started raining abusive words on me.

My God! I was so embarrassed at the market. I folded my arms and watched this girl calling me all sorts of names.

Her neighbour attracted my attention and begged me not to listen to her. She apologized on the girl’s behalf and told me not to take it to heart.

After listening to the woman I never uttered any word. I just left and bought everything I wanted to buy.

It was shocking to the girl when she saw me pass with two wheelbarrows heavily loaded with the stuff I bought from other places.

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Many of these things I would have bought from her but unfortunately, she never deserved it.

Two months later after the market experience

I was just sitting in my office when the secretary informed me that the people for the interview were ready.

I was to supervise personally all the people who applied to work in my company.

Shockingly, the beautiful lady at the market was the first to come in.

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When she came in, I recognised her but she never recognised me.

I looked at her documents and she had very good grades.

Because of my market experience with her I doubted if she actually merited those grades.

So I asked her “are you sure these are the certificates you obtained from your school?” She said “yes”.

“I doubt” was my next sentence. My brief discussion with her reminded her of someone she had a misunderstanding with sometime ago.

I told her pop and plain that the kind of receptionist we need in this company is not the type that is ready to render abusive words on our clients.

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I told her explicitly that she can’t work in my company even with her good grades.

I also told her that we can reconsider her applications when she learns to behave in public and also know how to talk to people she never knew from Adams.

Back to Our Discussion

Like I earlier said, the way you behave in public matters a lot. The reason is because you don’t know who is observing you.

As an educated person, it is very important you prove to your illiterate counterparts that you are 100% different from them.

An educated person doesn’t talk too much in public places. You talk little or less and listen more.

That beautiful girl’s behaviour in the market caused her a job that is worth 180k per month.

It will shock you that someone with a lower grade got the job.

What I am still saying in essence is, your character matters a great lot.

You didn’t only go to school to obtain the certificate but to also develop in character and in learning.

The way you approach people tells whether you are educated or not.

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