It is highly heartbreaking and unacceptable the way partners treat their better halves.

Some men can be deadly. How can a woman who is designed to be your helper become a punch bag?

The sudden death of Mrs Emelda is a story of a woman newly married to her husband.

Emelda is a graduate and believed she got married to the right man destined for her.

Her husband was also an educated individual but insisted his wife becomes a housewife.

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Though, this decision was against her will but because her marriage was still new and wanted to be a respectful wife to her husband, she accepted to adhere to his decision.

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Unfortunately for Mrs Emelda, she never knew that the day she accepted to be a housewife, that day she signed for her sudden death.

She is good at cleaning the house and also doing all that it takes to keep the household in order.

On a faithful day, she was fetching water from the neighborhood (they had no electricity power to pump water).

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While she was fetching the water, drops of water littered the sitting room which floor was designed with beautiful tiles.

She decided to clean the drops of water the moment she finished fetching the water.

While she was in the kitchen emptying her bucket, her husband returned from work.

He stepped on the watery floor and his leg slipped. Luckily for him, he was able to grab the door which prevented him from falling.

With anger he started shouting for his wife’s whereabout.

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Immediately she came out to welcome him, he gave her a very hot slap.

Unexpectedly, she fell hitting her head on the glass centre table.

That was the end of Mrs Emelda. She died immediately.

Her husband cried so hard, well sorry sir, no amount of tears can bring her back to life.

This is a true life story. Leave us a comment below if you have anything to say…

The sudden death of Mrs Emelda (true life story)

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