Don’t harm Bishop Kukah else! – Nnamdi Kanu blows hot

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has warned that no harm should come to Kukah else!

As e dey hot, Nnamdi Kanu has been provoked.

The leader of IPOB oyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has issued a stern warning that nothing should happen to Bishop Kukah.

Recall that after the Christmas hominy the Bishop gave on the Christmas day, a group of Muslim faithfuls has stood against him.

The Bishop criticised the day’s government for inciting incessant killings in the country.

Matthew Kukah accepted to apologize if only an evidence of him criticising the Muslim religion is made available.

Meanwhile, this statement got Mazi Nnamdi Kanu angry.

Kanu asked if a Muslim will accept to apologize if proven to have insulted the Christian religion.

In conclusion, the IPOB leader warned that no harm should come to the Bishop.

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Kanu via his social media handle said “can a Muslim agree to apologize to Christians if shown where he or she insulted Christianity?”.

“But yet Bishop Kukah agreed to apologise if shown where he insulted Islam..”

Not even a scratch should be seen on his body, elseā€¦!”

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Though he did not mention what will happen if anything happened to Kukah.

But no one needs a soothsayer to know what is likely to happen if anything happens to Bishop Matthew Kukah.

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