Story: man lost his job because of a stolen meat

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This story is about a young man who lost his job because of a stolen meat.

How a man lost his job because of a stolen meat (story)

At the end of the story you’ll tell us via the comments section whether he made the write decision or not.

Here we go….

It all happened on a Tuesday evening when I had already prepared to go home.

I was very hungry and luckily enough, my wife called and told me that she had already prepared my favourite food.

Though before I left in the morning, I refused to eat anything because I was running late for work.

Back at my workplace, the wife of my boss has already brought food for her husband.

My office is usually the first office before seeing my boss’s.

She came and dropped the food on my table.

She had a phone call and left. Myself equally had a phone call and I decided to move out from the office because it was confidential.

On my boss’s wife’s return, I have already settled on my seat, still preparing to go home.

From the inside, my boss was shouting my name.

I was shocked for what could be the reason why my boss is shouting my name that loud.

I hurriedly went to his office. All my thought was that something bad has happened.

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I rushed in to be greeted with the most shocking question of my life. “who took the meat in this soup”.

In seconds I was dumbfounded and he asked again in a fierce manner “I said who took the meat in this soup?”

I returned to reality after he asked the question for the second time.

“I don’t understand” was my calm response.

“You don’t understand? What aspect of the question do you not understand? My wife brought my food and because she went out to take a call you saw it as an opportunity to take everything in the food flax” my boss said.

“Sir with all due respect, I don’t think I am understanding any part of what you are talking about” I said looking confused.

With anger, my boss poured the soup on me and said “you are fired”.

At that point in time, I was filled with rage. If not that my wife called me on the phone, only her picture that I saw eased the anger.

Though I did not take the call but her call at that point in time eased the anger. Without uttering any more words I left for my home.

I got home and explained to my wife all that had happened. She was shocked to hear such a story.

“Even though it is true, should it be enough reason to fire you?” She said.

“I beg your pardon, are you also saying that I took the meat?” I asked, looking paranoid.

She noticed that I had started burning in anger already, she just changed the topic.

That’s one thing about my wife. She knows the best time to approach anyone and also knows how best to win fights to her favour.

Though she insisted I went to work the next day.

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The next morning at my workplace, as usual, I am always at work before anyone else.

When the secretary to my boss came, her greetings to me was to present me a letter signed by my boss.

It was a sack letter stating that I was fired due to my act of indiscipline.

Without any objections, I took the letter and left.

Few weeks later, calls started coming in from my former employer. He was begging me to return as it was verified that I never took the meat.

I never cared to reply to any of their messages because I have moved on.

They came to my house begging me to return to work because they have missed my efforts.

So I was that important and he never made any better investigation before firing me.

I told him Pop and plain that I can never go back to that office again.

Luckily enough, my wife supported me and I stood firm in my decision.

How did they finally get to know who stole the meat?

According to my boss who came begging at my house to return to work said that it was the chief accountant that stole the meat.

He said the chief accountant confessed that he was very hungry that very day. The moment I and his wife went out to take our respective calls that was when he stole the meat.

His wife according to him was very sorry for wrongly accusing me.

I told him I had nothing against him and his office but I have made up my mind never to return again.

Now, do you think this young man made the right decision of not returning to work again?

If you were to be this man, what would you do?

Your responses are needed below.

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