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It is heartbreaking to announce that one of the great elders that has made the movie industry in Nigeria worth watching has kicked the bucket.

Jim Lawson Maduike is a Nollywood actor and a well respected veteran actor from Imo state.

It was around 12pm on Saturday, January 2020, that he complained of body pains. From body pains, that was the last time we heard from the veteran actor.

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Jim Lawson has been in the movie industry since 2004 and since then has appeared in more than 150 standard home movies.

Indeed, it is a sad day for the Nollywood industry as Jim Lawson is greatly respected and incomparable.

Nollywood actor, Jim Lawson Maduike is dead
Jim Lawson Maduike

He can play in any fitting role. Sometimes he acts like a father, a king, an elder or even sometimes like a chief priest in so many movies.


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His death is indeed a huge setback to the movie industry.

The late Imo born movie actor was also a writer, radio broadcaster and TV presenter.

Honesty, the entertainment industry has conceived a very hot blow as a result of the death of this great icon.

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Every person in Nigeria knows Jim Lawson except children born in 2021 and above.

Indeed, his loss is really a great loss not just to his family but the society at large.

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Nollywood actor, Jim Lawson Maduike is dead