Woman catch husband sleeping with her best friend

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 My husband and I have been married for more than 3 years but no child yet. Let’s say, God has not deemed it right yet.

I so much love my husband and I thought he loved me too. Not until I caught him red handed cheating on me with my best friend on our matrimonial bed.

Woman catch husband sleeping with her best friend

 It all happened on Sunday afternoon when I heard a familiar sound coming out from our bedroom.

I thought my husband was finding it difficult to remove the desk freezer he complained about before I left for the airport.


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I was to have an important meeting with my clients at Owerri so I booked a flight from Lagos to Owerri.

My flight was to take off by 2pm. Getting close to the airport, I remembered I left the an important document at home so I hurried back to collect it.

On reaching home, then I met my husband cheating on me on our matrimonial bed with my best friend.

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He was shocked to see me. Even Juana my best friend was the woman who has been sleeping with my husband at my back for quite a long time.

As if, I never noticed anything, I just collected the key which was on my makeup table and left.

My husband with that nakedness ran after me. He acknowledged he has cheated and begged for my forgiveness.

Unfortunately, I have a flight to catch up with. Maybe when ever I come back we shall settle the matter after he had signed the divorce papers.

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Me on this matter

This woman is indeed mentally matured. She didn’t let what she saw ruin her urgent meeting in Owerri.

Even though she will be having some kind of emotional traumas, she really acted maturely.

Men can be something else. No wonder they say “You will never know the value of what you have until you lose it”. This is exactly what has happened to this man who cheated on his wife.

Some people are more dangerous than a hungry lion.

Juana her best friend sleeping with her husband at her back is wickedness. To me, I will suggest after she has finalized her issues with her husband, she should also sign a divorce papers against her best friend..lol

It’s important we valued what we have in life. Don’t betray the trust you are shouldered with.

From the above story, do you still think that divorce is the best move the woman must take when she returns from her trip? Or should she forgive her husband and let go of all that has happened?

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