Nigerians react over Festus Keyamo’s wheelbarrow and cutlass empowerment program

Nigerians react over Festus Keyamo's wheelbarrow and cutlass empowerment program

Wonders will never cease to happen in Nigeria. Which one is empowering youths with wheelbarrows and cutlass?

The Hon. Minister of State, Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo has really drawn the attention of Nigerians.

Earlier on Monday, the Hon. Minister celebrated among his counterparts his youth empowerment scheme.

He used wheelbarrow and cutlass as tools for the empowerment.

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The minister according to Vanguard said “this is a significant scheme designed to combat mass unemployment rate and alleviate poverty in our dear country.”

“With this programme, the scourge of poverty and joblessness will be drastically reduced.”

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Unfortunately for Keyamo, this statement and so called empowerment scheme did not go down well with the Nigerian youths.

Many has taken him on social media to blast the living day light out of him.

It is quite funny to hear that a man such as Festus will go to Abuja and bring back nothing to his people but wheelbarrow and cutlasses. To worsen the whole issue he tagged it as an “Empowerment Scheme”

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Meanwhile, the minister has blasted the vanguard media for misinterpretation.

He claimed that the reputable media house did not represent his intentions well.

According to Keyamo, the tools are not for empowerment. He claimed the tools belong to the government and made available only for labourers.

In his own words he said;

Poor reportage from a respectable newspaper. The tools are NOT FOR EMPOWERMENT. The tools belong to Govt and are what our everyday labourers use for work. The empowerment is the total of N60,000 they’d be paid for the work in 3 months. Understand a programme before reporting it.

Nigerians React to this

“Warri no dey carry last”  but Festus keyamo went all the way to Abuja and returned to Delta with wheel barrows and cutlasses as employment scheme? in 2021? Lmaoooo

Is this not a way of implicating himself? How can you pay labourers N60, 000 for 3 months? Isn’t that fraud and wickedness from this government?

Nigerians react over Festus Keyamo's wheelbarrow and cutlass empowerment program

And at that, you still called for a feast. What are you celebrating? That you hired group of labourers to pay them N60, 000 after 3 months?

This government must be a joke. You can’t continue to deceive the masses.

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A lot of Nigerians have reacted so heavily on this programme set up by Justice Keyamo.

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