FG woo Herdsmen with 100b to stop kidnap and killing in Nigeria

Federal government to pay N100b to Fulani herdsmen

Wonders shall never cease to happen in Nigeria. It was so heartbreaking when I learnt that the federal government of Nigeria wants to pay herdsmen N100 billion.

The leaked information has it that the FG wants to pay the terrorists that whopping amount so that they can stop killing and kidnapping.

Over the years since the emergence of Buhari’s administration, Nigeria has witnessed one insurgency or the other.

Early last two years it was the reign of the Fulani herdsmen killing, kidnapping and raping people all over the country.

Due to this ungodly act by the herdsmen, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra introduced ESN.

Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo state also issued the herdsmen a seven day ultimatum to leave the state or face the wrath of the state.

The evils perpetrated by this group have so much touched all parts of the country. And everyone is now living under fear.

The worst aspect of the whole thing is, the federal government is solidly behind the Fulani herdsmen.

They countered the order given by the Ondo state government, and are currently searching for the ESN members.

These people they are attacking are helping them do a job they cannot do. A job which is primarily the responsibility of the government.

Money which can be used to pay up debts which the federal government is owing, they want to lavish it on the herdsmen.

Who now told them that after paying such an amount of money that the terrorists will stop attacking?

As I am talking to you right now, people are already making plans to start up their own terrorist groups so that the government can equally pay them to stop terrorising the country.

The federal government should wake up. They should know that they are not giving this insurgence the proper attention it needs.

Paying Fulani herdsmen N100 billion will never stop them from committing the atrocities they are masterminding in this country.

That money should be used to pay up other debts the government is owing and proffer a better solution to this case of Fulani terrorism.

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