Emenike builds an ultramodern hospital in his hometown

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Emenike builds ultramodern hospital in his hometown


I couldn’t pass when I heard this story.

You should know Emmanuel Emenike the former Super Eagles striker.

He has built an ultramodern hospital in his hometown Otuocha Aguleri in Anambra state.

The first of its kind. A type of hospital which can never be found in any part of Nigeria.

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The hospital built by this former Eagles player is incomparable.

This story first appeared on Cubana Chief priest twitter wall.

Cubana so much appreciated Emenike for not acting like other celebrities who will make wealth and run after women.

From the way Cubana spoke, the former Super Eagles striker has proven to be a true son of the soil.

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From Cubana’s tweet;

So Proud Of You @emenike_9

“So Many Footballers Use Their Money F**k Supermodels, But You Made Sure You Brought Your Wealth Back Home To support Our People, Congrats Nwokeoma On Your Luxury Hospital 🏥 2021 We Move, All My Guys Re Real Big Ballers💰 #CelebrityBarMan💫”

Emenike builds ultramodern hospital in his hometown

This is indeed what we want in Igbo land.

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A situation where our children will make wealth and return to develop their motherland.

God bless you Emenike, God bless Igbo land.

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