Ugandan Election: Bobi Wine lost to Museveni

Bobi Wine lost the Ugandan presidential election to Yoweri Museveni

The patient wait of what was said to be joyous was turned to sorrow and anger.

The youths lost their freedom once again to the bloodsucking older generations.

Indeed, democracy is once again raped in a broad daylight in Africa.

Everyone expected Bobi Wine to win the Ugandan election but unfortunately, the evil old generation stole his victory.

Sorry I am sounding this way. But think about it, how can someone who ruled your grandparents, ruled your parents, ruled you and still making plans to rule your unborn children.

It is very evil and unacceptable. Even with many outcries by Bobi Wine concerning his home being outrun by the military, no one is saying anything about it.

On countless occasions, the life of Bobi Wine has been threatened.

Museveni won the Ugandan election to spend another 5 years as Ugandan president.

According to BBC, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has won a sixth term as president, extending his 35 years in office.

The 76-year-old won 58.6.% of the vote while his nearest rival Robert Kyagulanyi, known by his stage name Bobi Wine, took 34.8%, the election commission says.

I pity Ugandans as their dictator has returned to rule them for another 5 years.

It is also important to note that many country leaders support the winning of Museveni because they believe that there will be a great spark among the African youths if Bobi Wine won.

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The winning of Museveni is just a way of tying Africa down.

But we believe that one day, the African youths will rise to assume their positions.

Bobi Wine has paved that way for all youths.

Bobi, is true that you lost the Ugandan election through rigging, but know that you have set a pace for all of us….

Africa will be great again.

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