What she did to her cheating husband

On a daily basis Mrs. Joseph kept on hearing rumours that her husband was cheating on her.

She never wanted to listen to what the people are saying because she so much trust the man she married.

Mr. Joseph will always deny it each time she approached him with respect to that.

Sometimes it instigates a very serious misunderstanding between the husband and wife.

Never ready to loose her husband or marriage, Mrs. Joseph will always appologise each time she noticed her husband was getting annoyed because of the question.

She decided never to listen to rumours in order not to ruin her family.

Joseph so much love his wife but his problem is his inability to let go of what is hidden under the skirt.

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His wife never knew that truly her husband cheats on her.

He never returned home without buying a gift for her. He always remind her of how she has turned out to become the only thing that makes sense in his life.

She Caught Him Cheating

Mrs. Joseph was spotted at a supermarket where she went to shop for some cooking items. There she saw her husband’s car parked outside the mall’s premises.

“Lemme wait for him to take me home” she said to herself.

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From a distance she saw her husband coming with a another young pretty lady.

She hid herself away from them and they drove off.

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She quickly stopped a taxi and followed them.

She followed them until they arrived at a hotel. She refused to follow them in as she has already confirmed the rumour that her husband was truly cheating on her.

So heartbroken that very day, Mrs. Joseph packed her belongings and was set to leave.

On her process of leaving, her husband came in. He noticed the emotional state of his wife and was so ashamed of himself for ever cheating on the woman that loves him so much.

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“I am sorry” where the only my words he could think of at that point in time.

After so much pleading, Mrs. Joseph still forgave her cheating husband believing that things will be better.

Let’s Discuss

What is your best approach if you caught your husband/wife red-handed cheating on you?

Send your response via the comments section below.

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