SEX ON THE ALTER: Best Romantic Story of the Year

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 Interestingly you want to get hold of a good romantic story to read, trust me you’ve seen the right book.

SEX ON THE ALTER (The agony of a husband material) is the book you should be reading right now.

SEX ON THE ALTER: Best Romantic Story of the Year

This story was written by Nekenwa Saviosantos a multipurpose budding novelist and the brain behind this blog.

Apart from this story, Saviosantos has authored many other short stories like;

You can visit Nekenwa Saviosantos Amazon profile HERE.

This book Sex on the Alter is a book filled with many expectations ranging from true love, eroticism, action, betrayal, deceit, hatred and so on.

Who should Read Sex on the Alter?

This book is specifically written for married couples, lovers, singles (who are planning to start an erotic relationship soon),

Because of the contents of this book and a way of protecting minors, this book is only open for sale for individuals above the age of 17.

It is believed globally that people from this age and above are matured enough to contain some erotic scenes or texts.

This story is not an erotic story in completion but it is still recommended for adults only.

Why Sex on the Alter was Written?

One can be wondering why this romantic story is written instead of something else.

Well to settle this, explaining the reasons might be too ambiguous. A personal conceptualisation of the message this story portrays will give you the answers you seek.

But the major expectation is the idea of eradicating the existence of infidelity in marriages and relationships.

What to expect from this Romance

Sex on the Alter revolves around the life of two married couples Samuel and Anita.

They have been married for more than two (2) years and yet Samuel has never seen the nakedness of his wife talk more sleeping with her.

Unknown to Samuel irrespective of the love he has for his wife, he never knew that the size of his d*ck was the actual reasons for been sex denied.

Troubled by the unachievable primary reason for marriage which is love making, Samuel still cannot see himself cheating on his wife.

Life turned into chaos for Samuel when he met his senior pastor uninvited on his matrimonial bed.

What happened next is what you will find out in this story.

How To Get a Copy of this Book

Sex on the Alter (Agony of a husband material) is now made available in many platforms like;

You can equally get it directly from us at a cheaper rate via;

Formats for this Book

If you are buying this great book directly from us, it is available in the following formats; 

  • WORD
  •  KPF
  • PDF.


 This book can only be sold to individuals above the age of 17.

This story is 100% created to help eradicate the infidelity that exist in marriages and relationships.

When you buy this book via Amazon, we shall receive a commission which will NOT cost you any additional fee to the one you’ve made already via the platform.

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