My first army examination experience

Okay lemme guess, you are reading this because you want to know what my experience about army (military) examination was like. Well am honoured to have you onboard.

I want to share my experience on how the soldiers nearly got hard on me on the day I wanted to write a recruit examination.

You have your freedom to add your contributions at the end of the story.

My first army examination experience

How it all Started

Last night I was just resting after a strenuous day. A phone call came through and it was my cousin, David.

David lived in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria.

He pleaded I stood in for him in the forth coming army examination which was scheduled for today.

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Because the message was sent to him very late that same day, he cannot make it on time back to the East.

The time and venue for his examination was 7am and Amakohia Comprehensive Secondary School Imo state respectively.

He is my cousin and I can’t say no to his request even though it was against my moral standings, so I accepted.

He sent me the necessary information and documents I needed for the examination.

That night, I started doing some military form of training in case the examination comes in any way relating to military (lol).

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The Military Examination Day

My first army examination experience

The D-day is here and I am all set and ready for the screening and examination.

First we were told that we must have all documents printed. Without wasting time, I got to the nearest Computer center and printed all the documents he sent me.

Before any other thing we were subjected to covid-19 tests.

“I have never had any test since the evolution of covid-19 so this is an opportunity” I said to myself.

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Thank God my temperature was still normal and the hand sanitizer which was pressed on my palm returned me to the world of smiling. It was really my first time to apply a hand sanitizer (lol).

So the screening started proper. When it was my turn to be screened by the two angry-looking-not-friendly-soldiers, I summoned courage and went close.

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They took my documents and found out I did not present my autocad (document bearing my image) or any form of identification.

I told them I forgot all those stuff at home because I was in a hurry to meet up with the 7:00am time that was boldly written on the paper.

They blatantly told me that without the autocad or any other means of identification I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the examination hall.

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Without any control I shouted “for what!” The sudden facial expression of the two military boys made me say to myself “Oh my God! I shouldn’t have said that”.

They ordered me to come close to them and I was taking steps backward. The moment they both stood up, I didn’t know how I got to see myself in my room locked from the outside.

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The Bottom Line of the Exam Experience

First I was to impersonate for someone (my cousin) in the army examination but couldn’t because I didn’t present my ID or autocad bearing my image.

So assuming I was finally caught as an impersonator what would have been my fate in the hands of those deadly-looking soldier boys?

Thank God for my life.

You may call me coward, no problems just know it’s only he who survives a war lives to tell the real story.

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