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My boyfriend taught me how to cook

My name is Stella and I am 32. I am not shy to tell you that my boyfriend taught me how to cook when I was 20.

My mother was really a good cook but it was very difficult learning from her because we never got along.

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My younger brothers were the ones who were very close to her and they learnt cooking well from her.

So many a time, they set a competition among themselves to see whose food will emerge as the sweetest.

I am the only female child and the eldest. I don’t really get along with my mother that is why I don’t join her in the kitchen.

Unfortunately for me, cooking was an enemy I never got along with in my father’s house.

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Dating Jonathan

When I was 20, I fell in love with Jonathan. We dated for two weeks then he invited me over to come cook for him.

I was so embarrassed by the invitation and I was afraid of turning him down.

He wasn’t around so he kept the house keys where I can find them.

He wanted me to prepare something for him before he could return from work.

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I messed up the cooking

The food is ready and luckily enough, he just got back from work.

Within me I was partially satisfied that I kept to my promise of cooking for him. I don’t know what the food will taste like.

After he was prepared to eat, he came to the dining and I served him the rice I prepared.

Opening the plate, I noticed a slight change in his countenances.

By the time he started eating, I was noticing changes in his face and I asked him “do you like the food?”

“Awesome” he replied. I knew he was pretending but decided to lie just to make me feel better.

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After forcing himself to eat half of the food, he appreciated me at least for preparing a meal for him.

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I cleaned the dining and apologised if the food was not properly cooked.

He smiled and said “that you are a bad cook does not portray you a bad person. Don’t worry, I will teach you how to cook any kind of food in the world”.

Ya, I almost forgot to mention that. My boyfriend is the chief cook in one of the biggest restaurants in Lagos.

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The next morning we went to the kitchen and he taught me all what it takes to cook any delicacy.

He also gave me a pamphlet which served as a cooking guide.

As a fast learner, it didn’t take me up to a weekto master cooking some delicacies. I decided to compete with my younger brothers in their ‘boys can cook‘ competition.

Though they still emerged victorious but they confessed that my food was not bad.

Though I wasn’t able to marry Jonathan because our blood genotype did not match.

In order to avoid future marital problems, we decided to end the relationship.

But up until date, my family is still in good relationship with his own family.

My husband knows that he is my ex and his wife equally knows me as her husband’s ex. So the two families gets along at all times.

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I am still thankful to Jonathan for teaching me how to cook. At least that is one of the reasons why I am a proud mother and a proud wife.

Thanks and that is my story…

Let’s hear your take on this story. How did you learn how to cook?

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My boyfriend taught me how to cook