Marry me now before it is too late

Marry me now before it is too late is a story influenced by a mad man who met a pretty young lady at Amakohia flyover.

Just like as usual I trekked down the streets of Amakohia to feel the natural nature of the environment. I also climed or went at the top of the flyover to view the entire Amakohia city.

While I was up, I was hearing sounds at the ground. People were laughing and shouting

“say yes! Say yes!”

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Quickly I got down from the flyover to see things for myself behold it was a mad man telling a pretty young lady to marry him before it could be too late.

The mad man kept on following her around telling her to marry him before it could be too late.

Though it was a heavy embarrassment for the pretty young lady.

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Trust me, she will be saying in her mind that of all the men around it was only a mad man that was approaching her and telling her to marry him before it could be too late.

Few months passed, rumours carried it that the pretty young lady that a mad man was begging to marry him commited suicide.

I know you will be asking what exactly was the cause of her death. Lemme tell you.

The young pretty lady, has been in a relationship for quite a long time (even before she got admitted into the higher institution).

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She dated a poor carpenter who sold almost everything he had just to train her in school.

Thanks to God she graduated from school and was at her national youth service program.

Her boyfriend came and proposed marriage to her but she turned him down citing illiteracy.

She claimed her boyfriend was an illiterate who cannot comprehend the contemporary societal issues.

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She claimed he was not a good match for her and also said she was engaged to one Mr Mike Osondu who will be taking her out of Nigeria after her youth service.

Her former boyfriend nearly committed suicide because of his wasted years of waiting for this young lady.

He picked up his pace and continued with the carpentery work he was doing to earn a living.

Luck fell on his side. He got the contract of roofing the homes of many political top officials in Imo state.

It was a very huge pay for him. He was able to equip his carpentery shop to a modern standardized one.

He had his new home and also got for himself a very beautiful wife.

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The pretty young lady who is now his ex was abandoned by Mr Mike Osondu after getting her pregnant.

She committed suicide the day she heard that her former boyfriend was doing well and also married with the wife heavily pregnant.

Who is the mad man and what was his mission?

Who the mad man was, up on till date, the answer remains unknown.

The truth is that the mad man was indirectly telling her to return to her former boyfriend while he was still poor (marry me now before it is too late).

She never understood instead was embarrassed.

Now she has noticed that she can’t marry her ex any longer and Mr Mike Osondu is no where to be found. Suicide became her next option.

To our pretty young men and women who are nursing the intention of being in a relationship or those who are there already, kindly remember that relationship shouldn’t always be all about money. He who love you deserve to be loved in return.

Don’t sell your happiness for treasure it is dangerous.

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