How to link your NIN to all your phone numbers


How to link your NIN to all your phone numbers

The order given to the Nigerian Telecommunication companies on disconnecting every phone number not connected to their NIN has raised so much uproar in the recent days.

The general public were asked to connect their phone numbers to their National Identification Number (NIN) within a period of two weeks to avoid disconnection.

A lot of Nigerians has seriously condemned this move by the federal government as the time given was very short.

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Though many organisations has spoken on behalf of the masses begging the FG to suspend or elongate the deadline.

Irrespective of this plea, the FG seems to be playing adamant and maintaining that phone numbers without their NIN linked up will be disconnected.

Implications of not linking NIN and Phone Number

If this is not done especially within the timeframe released by the FG, many will loose their means of contacting other people.

Unfortunately for those living in the rural areas 92% of the populations will never have a means of contacting their loved ones and friends.

The possibility of returning to the world of limited communication is eminent.

Access to getting things done as soon as possible as far as information and communication is concerned, it can never achievable. And many more.

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How to link your NIN to your phone number

All the four major networks (MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile) has provided for their customers hassle free methods on how to link their phone numbers to their NIN.

NB: You can link as many phone numbers as possible. Just ensure the numbers you are linking are all yours. 

And also linking is totally free so don’t pay anyone to do it for you. 

Sit-down and do it yourself because it is very short and simple.

How to Link MTN number to NIN

Are you an MTN network customer? Follow the below steps to get your linking done.

  • Dial *785#
  • Enter your NIN in the next message that will pop up.

When you are done, you will receive a message informing you that it has started the validation process.

Invariably, you can achieve the linking process by filling and submitting this form.

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How to link Airtel network to your NIN

Are you an Airtel network customer? This is how you can link your Airtel phone number to your NIN

  • Dial *121# and follow the next pop up instruction.

Or you can better still dial *121*1#

How to link your Glo phone number

Are you also on Glo network? Below is how you can link your Glo phone number to your NIN.

Before you continue, I must warn that linking to your Glo phone number can be tricky but it is very easy if you will follow this instructions judiciously.

Send a message to 109.

The content of your message should include only: UPDATENIN <SPACE> XXXXXXXXXXXX <SPACE> FIRSTNAME <SPACE> LASTNAME 

Please note XXXXXXXXXXXX represents your NIN.

Here is an example of what I mean: UPDATENIN 111111222333 NEKENWA SAVIOSANTOS

REMEMBER: to change my name to your own name and the NIN to yours. 

Don’t also forget that all words must be in capital letters and If any error occurs, you will receive this message: 


When you get it correctly you shall receive this message;

Dear esteemed customer, your NIN has been successfully received. Thanks

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Linking to 9mobile

Are you a 9mobile user? Luckily the network has also released their own code.

The only thing you have to do is to dial *346# and follow the instructions that pops up.

Or better still dial *200*8#

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