How I manage Marriage crisis – Sir Solomon

Sir Solomon narrates how he manages Marriage crisis in his family


I went to visit one of my former primary school teachers, sir Solomon. Sir Solomon is a man who is ready to sit you down and give you a 24 hours lecture on marriage/family matters.

As a growing young man who is making plans to settle down, I always go to this my teacher for premarital/marital counseling.

One special thing about him is that he always use himself and what is happening in his family as an example.

Each time I visited I always feel like we are back into the classroom.

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What You Should Know About Marriage

Sir Solomon begins his usual lecture.

According to sir Solomon, marriage is not just a union of a man and a woman but also a union of different thinkers.

He said that a man and woman are people with different thinking abilities but are united as one via the process of marriage.

You should know that being in a union it means that your whole being is completely mixed with that of your partner. It’s just like when you are cooking. When you mix all condiments you can no longer separate them.

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Irrespective of the legal way of dissolving marriage (divorce), marriage remains a sacred institution before God.

Any reasonable man who plans to get married will never think of divorce as a way of settling marital crisis.


No marriage is perfect. This is because no man or woman is perfect.

Instead of fighting, quarreling, separation or divorce there are better ways you can solve these problems.

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1. Compromise

It’s true that you may not be the one at fault but accepting the blame and let things pass like that will go a long in solving more problems.

2. Be Funny

Learn to be funny even in very serious situations. 

Of course it’s important you consider serious issues as serious but always approach them in a calm and funny way. This will help to ease the tension. 

Let’s say for example, you got your wife upset and you are looking for a way to say am sorry, you can tell her that “because of her exact look that’s why you married her”. 

Just make her feel special. Even though her face is still tight, deep down her soul the anger is depreciating.

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3. Be Apologetic

When was the last time you said ‘I am sorry‘? When was the last time you acknowledged your offence?

So many men believe that because they are men that’s why it’s wrong for a man to say he is sorry.

If you must have a perfect marriage, then you must be ready to acknowledge your offences. Learn to say ‘I am sorry‘.

4. Truthful

Do you know that truth saves the future more than lies do? In every situation ensure you told your wife the truth. Let her know everything you are doing so that when the time comes it won’t be alien to her.

She must know the truth so that she can be able to defend you at all cost.

When you tell her lies and she finally find out the truth, what do you think will be the situation of the family at that point in time?

This is why it important you told her every truth she needed to know as early as it happened.

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5. Accept Blames

This is just like comprising. Even when you are not at fault just accept the blame to avoid escalating more marital crisis.

6. Treat Her Well

As a man when was the last time you bought her gifts? When was the last time you took her out on a treat?

Even though you don’t have money, at least once in a while buy her things and remind her how much you care about her.

7. Satisfy Her Needs

Not knowing that sexual satisfaction is another basic reason for marriage is disastrous. What is the essence of marriage if not for sexual satisfaction and companionship?

Listen, it is your duty to satisfy your wife’s sexual needs so make sure you hold on to it with utmost regard.

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8. Be Friendly

Learn to be romantic. Whenever she complains to you about something, drop what you are doing and attend to her.

Women sometimes behave like kids. They would want you to give them attention and when it is not coming serious marital problems will set in and you will be seen as a man who doesn’t care.

9. Give Her Time

Respect all wishes. If she tells you she is not in the mood of having sex kindly respect that.

If she is upset allow her to cool off before requesting for anything from her. Don’t go and be opening a healing wound.

10. Know Your Worth

As a man you must realise your responsibilities in the house. Don’t remit all the house duties to your wife.

The moment she started complaining of you not living upto expectations the moment marriage crisis begins to set in.

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11. Family Secrets

It’s not everything about your family that even your closest friend should be aware of.

Keep every secret as a secret. Sharing it with people is one of the things that causes family crisis.

Be a man and solve your marital crisis without seeking for external interference


Honestly, it was really a very long conversation with sir Solomon.

Am glad you enjoyed the story and I hope you really learnt something from our conversation? Kindly leave us a comment.


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