Dating Story: 8 years is not 8 days women adviced


Dating story - 8 years is never 8 days. Woman advice ladies

So I went to a barber saloon to have my haircut and overhead two young ladies arguing.

Among the ladies was another lady who looked more advance in age but was sitting a bit far.

While I was having the haircut, the lady I perceived to be the youngest was narrating to her other friend how her boyfriend fails to showcase he love her.

According to her she said she was tired of the relationship since the young man only call her on phone once in a week to know about her wellbeing.

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She said she was tired of the relationship and was seeking for advice from her friend.

Her friend asked her “for how long have you dated this young man?”

“3 months” she replied.

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Her friend also went further to ask what he does for a living and she replied that he was mechanical engineer who do not base in the state.

Her friend told her that that was not the kind of man she needed.

She also encouraged her to move on with her plans of quitting the relationship since the young man don’t show any sign of interest.

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At this time, the other advanced lady whom I noticed was not a friend of theirs and was not also invited or included in the discussion forced herself into the discussion.

She started by apologising for intruding in their discussion and then she continued “I was just sitting there and was listening to what the both of you were discussing”.

If I may ask, how long have you dated this young man and how often did you say he call?

The complainant replied “we have dated for 3 months and he is a mechanical engineer who works outside the state”.

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The advanced woman continued “do you think that if he lives within this state that he will not always reach out to you? Apart from calling you what other problems does he have?”

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The young lady remained silent as she cannot point out another fault of her lover.

The woman told her not to let herself be deceived because real men try to work hard in order to show themselves approved.

What shocked the young lady was when the advanced woman told her that she dated her boyfriend for 8 good years before they got married.

While they were dating, she also doubted if he was the right man for her but her patience was what made her marry the man she is proud enough to tell people today is her husband.


One thing with this generation is that you people don’t have patience.

You understood that this young man was trying in his own little way. The only problem he had is the nature of his business which has been denying him the opportunity of talking with you.

And each time he secures an opportunity the both of you talk for many hours.

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From many of the things I have heard you say about this young man, he really mean well for you and is ever ready to marry you.

My dear, my simple advice is since you know that this young man is serious with your relationship, then don’t break his heart.

He understands all what you are passing through but you can’t advice him to quit his job and come back home to stay with you.

You are just in a relationship for 3 months and you are making noise what happens to those of us who dated for years before we ended up marrying?

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My dear just have patience and only quit the relationship when you know and you are sure the person you are dating don’t love you.

The woman concluded and went back to what she was doing.

Myself was dumbfounded to hear that she dated a man for 8 years before getting married. Which woman will do that in our present generation?

What’s your take on the advice this woman gave to her fellow woman?

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