Dangers of disclosing your little secrets

It is very dangerous and disastrous to disclosed your little secrets to people.

No matter how you love such a person, no secret is a secret the moment it is revealed (Saviosantos, 2019).

You may be pushed to reveal to someone something you have held confidential for a long period. It is also important I told you that when it is revealed, it has lost his it’s the value of confidentiality.

As long as man is a social being (he interacts with his fellow man), you can imagine him revealing what you told him in the secret.

Do not trust anyone with what you hold up to yourself no matter how you trust the person.

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Conflict must exist as long as there is more than one person in the society (Karl Marx).

When this conflict exists between you and your best friend, what do you think will happen to the secret you told him?

Trusting Your Best Friends With Your Little Secrets

According to Saviosantos, exposing your secrets to your best friend is like shooting yourself on the feet.

Lemme share a little story. I had a very good friend during my days as an NCE student in Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri Imo state.

Honestly speaking I don’t joke with this my best friend.

Everything about me I told him. All my secrets he knew them all.

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We ate together, we stayed together, in fact, we did almost everything together.

On a very good day, we had a misunderstanding over his inability to regularly sweep the house each time he messed it up.

At the initial, it all started as a joke, little did I know that he took it as a very serious issue.

He began to raise his voice which attracted the entire neighbours. That very day I was so ashamed of myself for having a misunderstanding with my best friend.

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What spoilt the whole thing was when my best friend exposed the secret I held up to right from my childhood.

Honestly, that day I thought my whole life has come to an end. Everybody in the compound now knows my little secret.

Just that single act of his ended my relationship with him and also made me at that moment begin to understand the importance of keeping secrets to myself.

What Secret Deserve to be Exposed

Though nothing is indeed hidden under the sun.

Every secret is a secret. It can be disclosed to a second party if you think it has no future effect or you won’t feel bad if another person hears about it.

But on the other hand, if you feel that you will have heartbreak when you, unfortunately, hear it from someone else, then it is advisable you keep your secrets to yourself.

No one is better than you at being confidential when it concerns your matter (Saviosantos, 2017).

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What Makes People Expose Their Little Secrets?

Your trust in people is the exact reason why you share what you hold confidential.

The truth is no man can be trusted no matter how holy.

Even the Holy Bible recorded that woe unto him that put their trust on men instead of God.

When I was a kid, there is a story we used to hear about Trust.

A ten years old boy was about to jump from a three-storey building and his father was on the ground ready to catch him.

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The boy jumped and his father shifted from catching him then he fell

Though he was hospitalised and when he regained consciousness (though no fractures) the first thing his father told him was; my son, you see in this life, never you trust anyone, not even your father.

In Conclusion

Never you believe that anyone can keep your little secret better than yourself. This is because a man who is vulnerable to attacks is a man who has loopholes in managing his secrets (Saviosantos, 2018).

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